Safaribet: How to Bet and Keep Track of Your Wins

Safaribet is one of the leading sports betting companies in Ghana, offering a wide array of games ranging from football, live casino, to other virtual sports.

The company has many branches spread across Ghana, with the headquarters located on the 6th Floor of the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

How To Register, Place and Keep Track of Your Bets

A. Registration

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the Open Account button at the extreme top right of the site
  3. Fill the appearing e-form with all the required information and click the Sign Up button at the end.
  4. Call or send an sms to Safaribet social media platform or live chat with your chosen username to be activated.

Note: After a successful registration/sign up, you will need only your username and password for subsequent logins.

B. Betting

  1. Visit and login with your account details.
  2. Choose desired game
  3. Place you bet and click submit.

Note: To be able to place a bet, you must have betting credit by depositing some money into your account. You can top up your account via Cash Payment, Bank/Mobile Transfer or Voucher. Visit for more details.

C. Withdraw Your Wins

Just like the way you make deposits into your account, you can withdraw your winning money by making a payout request through bank/mobile transfer or at any safaribet shop.

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Do’s and Don’ts on Safaribet

The following are some of the guidelines to be followed while placing bets:

1. Bets are only accepted if submitted before the matches commence

2. If matches commence prior to the time published by the company, the coupons submitted prior to the start time will be accepted.

3. Single bets that are submitted after the start of the match will be refunded. Where bets are a combination bet, the commenced match will be deleted from the coupon and the remainder of the matches will be accepted.

4. In order for the bet to be valid, the writing on the coupon (paper) for the codes or names must be clear and readable.

5. Submitted bets will not be refunded.

Click here to learn more about rules guiding betting on Safaribet.

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