7 Most Expensive Cars in Ghana

Cars are status boosters! Everyone who loves cars always want to have one of the best and most expensive. It is common among people to rate cars based on the cost. Once a car is very costly, the owner pays less attention to the looks. Next to cost is the strength and capacity of the vehicle. Modern guys so much fancy cars that has very high acceleration capacity. Towards the end of last year and at the dawn of this new year, Ghanaians have continued to showcase their wealth by decorating the streets and roads of Ghana with head blowing toys. New model flashy and expensive cars have continued to troop into the country. These cars presented to you here, met all the criteria of top rating.  They are costly, beautiful and extremely fast.

Take a look…Are these not the Most Expensive Cars Seen on Ghanaian Streets Today?

1. Lamborghini Veneno


Oops! Here comes the monster. This car may not look beautiful per say, it is rather wonderful. The name Lamborghini is actually that of a Spanish fierce bull. This car has a grand speed of about 349km/h. No need to shout; it sells at not less than $4 000 000. Not only that, you may also have the money but no where to find the Lamborghini because it has very limited number produced at a time.

2. Bugatti Veyron


I must confess that this car is great. In fact, I’ll say that it is too fast and beautiful for Ghana streets. However, never dream of this car if you are not well loaded because it  is currently selling at not less than GH¢ 7,368,750. Rated as the fastest street legal car, it is capable of covering 430 km in just an hour!

3. Aston Martin One-77


Its Aston Martin One-77 that’s next on our list. This is another mighty car that can leave viewer’s jaws dropping. It has the capacity of accelerating at about 354km/h. The attachment “one-77” in the name came from the fact that only 77 of it were produced initially. It is extremely cute, I must confess. You can go for it and join the queue in Ghana if you’ve got ‘just around $1.5m’.

4. Maybach 62 S


The Maybach 62 S is an exclusive luxury car. It is one of the most expensive and rarest species seen in Ghana. Mostly enjoyed when having a personal driver, the Maybach has a length like that of a limousine. Its price tag is around GH⊄3 000 000.

5. Rolls Royce Ghost


Rolls Royce is just cool. The Rolls Royce Ghost is a sister, (or do I call it brother) to Rolls Royce Phantom. All the same, phantom actually means ghost. Haven’t you ever wondered why a car should be associated with such things as “ghost”? This car is actually mysterious in its abilities and is considered one of the ultimate vehicles . You can make one yours. You only need to make a budget of between a quarter of a million and half a million.

6. Bentley GT


This is the favorite of very rich Ghanaian celebrities. In 2014, many of them showed off their financial prowess by getting themselves a Bentley. This year, the car is still ranked top in the list of expensive cars as its only a few that can afford it. It is available in both the coupe and convertible bodies. Bentley costs about GH¢ 640 000 at the moment.

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7. Ferrari California


The Ferrari California is a grand touring sports car produced by the Italian manufacturer, Ferrari. It is a two door “2+2” hard top convertible. The car revives the “California” name used for the late-1950’s, Ferrari 250 GT. I describe it as “sweet and sharp”. Guess what? It goes for as much as GH¢ 650 000.