The UK has recently been amending several requirements that must be met by people who would like to visit the union. Ghanaians have not been exempted from these new regulations which must be fulfilled before one is granted a visa. The following is a simplified process which would help you to successfully secure the travel document.

How To Apply for a UK Visa From Ghana – Step By Step

1. Checking if you qualify

The U.K requires that every visitor meets, among others, the following minimum requirements before being granted a visa:

  • The period of your visit should be less than six months.
  • You must prove that you won’t stay in the U.K for longer than your stipulated period.
  • You are also expected to prove that you would be able to accommodate yourself as well as afford your transport back to your country. A summary of the requirements can be found on the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) website.

British Embassy - UK visa Ghana

2. Documents required

You will be required to submit original documents and their copies to the UKBA. These include a printed application form bearing your signature, a passport with a blank leaf on both sides where the visa is usually inserted, a quality photo that meets the standards of the HM Passport Office, previous travel documents, documents of your marital status, current employment or student documents, health certificates, and evidence that you are a citizen of Ghana.

3. Select the type of visa

There are several types of visa offered by the UK government. You can choose one among family visitor, tourist, business, student, work, or transit visa among others. The visa type you choose would dictate the amount of time you would spend in the UK.

4. Applying for the visa

The visa form is found online at the Visa4Uk website. You will first create an account through which you will download the application form. Print the completed form and append your signature on it. The system would email you a GWF reference which is your application number, keep it safe. Attach your other documents and mail them to the High Commission. Make sure that you book your appointment within 90 days of submitting the online form. Ghanaians can book an interview on the Visa4Uk website.

Getting UK visa from Ghana, Things You Should Know

1. Paying the required fees

The fee charged depends on the kind of visa you choose and the length of its validity. The U.K Border Agency could also change the amount charged for each document depending on several factors. You can only pay for your visa at Guaranty Trust Bank’s three branches namely:

  • Ridge, Head Office 25A, Castle Road, Ambassadorial Area, Ridge, PMB CT416 Cantonments, Accra.
  • Labone 3rd Soula Street, adjacent to South African High Commission·
  • Osu Plot No. 577, Oxford Street, Osu R. E

The receipt number would be required when you visit the visa application center. Send your application within one month of paying the fee. It is also possible to pay the fees at the center but you will have to pay an additional amount for processing.

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2. Visiting the visa application center

Go for your appointment early at the visa application center. Your biometric information would be collected during the interviewing process. This means that fingerprints would be scanned and your face photographed. In case you have broken or injured fingers, you must wait until they heal before the details can be taken. Temporary decorations that change facial appearance and block prints are discouraged as they would delay your application processing.

There are four tiers that you have to choose from when booking your appointment. Make sure you check the correct box since a mistake would deny you fast processing. For instance, if you are just visiting the U.K for a short period, avoid inconveniences by avoiding the Tier 4 checkbox.

visa-application - uk visa from Ghana

3. How long it takes

Securing a visa to the U.K is an arduous process that takes up to six weeks for most applicants especially after the union tightened its migration laws recently. It is therefore beneficial to use a reputable travel agency to aid in the process.

4. Medical vaccines

You cannot be granted a visa unless you have proof of vaccination from diseases such as Hepatitis B and TB. TB testing can only be done at International Organisation for Migration clinics in Accra. The health certificates must be attached to the application form and are normally valid for 6 months only.