12 Photos That Show Mahama And Nana Are Still Good Friends Afterall

With the growing tensions between the flag bearers of the two major political parties – John Dramani Mahama of the ruling National Democratic Congress(NDC) and Nana Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the opposition New Patriotic Party(NPP), one may begin to think that the two will no longer be crossing same paths.

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Curious about what the relationship between Mahama and Nana Addo looks like over time, we went into research and took hold of the most convincing evidences – photos!

From our discoveries, perceptions that they may be at loggerheads are proven completely wrong by the height of friendship still existing between them.

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This is fully portrayed in their friendly handshakes which is always full of laughter and other instances shown in the images below:

nana-1 Nana-Mahama
nana-mahama2 Mahamaand-Nanaaddo john-nanaaddo-and-john-share-jokemahama-nanaMore photos available at http://goo.gl/zEoTmrnana_addo_tells_mahamamahama-akufo-addoakufo-addo-mahama

We believe these photos will go a long way to discourage violence between supporters of these two opposing parties. They could now see that the people for whom they would want to kill one another at the onset of the slightest argument are getting on well with each other.