Whether you are intelligent or not, there are courses at the university level that are more difficult than others, bear in mind that we don’t intend  busting anyone’s bubble, it all boils down to great hard work. Research into the reasons why students drop out of school early in the course often finds that choosing the wrong course was an important factor, so it is crucial to do good research and decide carefully. Having explored on the the courses one could study in any Ghanaian university, we noticed that the following courses can really be challenging. Here are Top 5 Most Most Difficult Courses To Study In Ghana:

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1. Actuarial science

The hard thing to deal with here is not just the fact that it is broad and has the element of economics, accounting, mathematics and other bulky computations but also limits your prospect since with the ordinary degree you can only be an actuary. To become an Associate of Society of Actuaries, you must pass tough exams, the pass rate is between 33 to 50 percent….they cover topics ranging from probability, mathematical finance, life contingencies. To then become a fellow, you have to pass like two to three more exams after that. Well as for the exams, they are too hard and disapprove those who can’t make out at least three hundred hours to study each course and well beyond what you are given in class. It requires you to be good at maths before taking on this course. Although the course is rewarding, don’t be tempted by the financial rewards if you aren’t good at math. Actuarial science is pretty much applied math, probability, and risk assessment combined into one.


2. Computer Science

Computer science is really a struggle to study in Ghana especially if you are not good at maths and programming. You might enjoy programming but dislike the extra math classes. Most certainly  a lot of studying is required, data structures and algorithms will wreck your nerve when you fail to study hard. Of course, it involves abstract foundations of information and computation, taking a scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. Scared of computation? if yes majoring in it will be agonizing.


3. Architecture

Architecture is a long career that requires intense sacrifice and absolute hard work. To get through it in Ghana, you must have the ability of creativity; of course you will learn the ceaseless process, how to draw technically, or the engineering know-how to support designs, this makes it even more difficult since everyone can’t be an architect. It completely sucks when you hardly make a straight line or handle a pencil,though its not just all about drawing and designs but encompasses a whole lot of measurement and accuracy. Unless you are design-oriented or ready to make sacrifices, it will be highly tasking to take on this course.


4. Medicine

Studying medicine takes up probably more of your time than most majors. Medical studies comprise large amount of facts.The amount of information you’d have to grasp will be higher than most people studying other subjects. After the notional studies, you’ll move on to direct observations called clinical, which involves working in teaching hospitals and studying actual patients. It will involve long hours. After you finish MBBS which will last for 4 years or more you’d have to go for one year internship, then residency. Post-grad studies in your chosen specialization follows. So be prepared to be in education for a long time. You’d still be studying when many of your friends would have been in their jobs for a couple of years. It will take at least eight years to be a doctor in Ghana.


5. Mathematics

This is another tough course that requires hard work and great effort. You will have to deal with long computations that need patience and persistence. Mathematics is characteristically difficult since it is abstract computation, one could sweat all day trying to figure out just one computation.


What would  you add to this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.