flight attendants

Have you ever thought about the challenges encountered by flight attendants? Yes, those beautiful, smart looking and cheerful ladies who are always nice to you, also face some difficulties in the course of their work.

They may never tell you, but you can find out from us. Let’s start with the question…

What Really Annoy Flight Attendants?

You may say they’re good at their job, but you have no idea what they go through to keep their jobs. A flight attendant must always be cheerful and nice to passengers on board even when they (passengers) are outrightly a pain in the butt, deserving total contempt.

While you chew on that, there are things you do that makes it difficult for these attendants to carry out their responsibilities cheerfully. Scroll down to find out.

1. Asking for Water The Second You Step on Board

Flight attendants have quite a bit to do to get the cabin ready for departure (like reviewing air safety information and catering to small children). Getting you a glass of water isn’t high on the list.

So why not ease into the atmosphere and let tensions calm down before you start your demand spree.

2. Clicking Your Fingers to Get Their Attention

There’s a much better way to get the attention of a flight attendant. Why not press the call button again and again and again instead of clicking your fingers. Or better still, a simple “Excuse me” should do the trick.

3. Complaining About a Delay

For the record, flight attendants do not have control over a delayed takeoff. And, it is important to always remember that delays are always necessary to guarantee maximum safety. There are a lot of variables in play with delays, ranging from weather to airplane congestion. If you have grievances, it’s better to take them up with the airline instead of yelling at the staff trying to make you more comfortable on board.

4. Taking Your Pet Out of The Approved Carrier Cage

It’s actually against aviation rules to remove your pet (dog, cat, others) from the pre-approved carrier they’re traveling in. In fact, you’re supposed to purchase one that gives your pet enough room to stand up or lie down.

But many passengers ignore this rule once on board. Flight attendants get it – you want the comfort of your pet. But then, instead of letting your pet out of the cage, you can unzip the bag carefully and pet them or whisper soothing words to them, that’ll be much more ideal.

5. Ignoring The Fasten Seatbelt Sign

The customer is always right, this is very true but if the crew on-board turns on the “fasten seatbelt” sign and reminds you to take your seat; but you refuse to heed the advice, then you forfeit all grounds for a complaint or lawsuit if you get injured.

As a passenger, you have the right to roam about as you please but it is also important that you adhere to the flight rules which by the way, are set to ensure your safety on board.

6. The ‘Order’ Disorders

Yes, we know the flight attendant is there to take your orders and make you feel comfortable while flying. But you could be a little courteous, considerate and empathic while making demands. You know what we mean, don’t you? Anyway, we will make it very easy for you. Here are the things you do when making demands that annoy flight attendants.

  • Having Your Ear Phone On when you order a drink – Of course, you’re going to have to scream to be convinced you’ve been heard by the attendant. So why not save yourself the stress and unplug your earphone before making your order.
  • Taking forever to decide which drink you want – We bet many are guilty of this. So she keeps walking down the aisle with the drink cart for over 20 minutes and you still do not know what she has in her cart. But, let’s say you do not know what’s in the cart but do you have to take ages to decide what you really want?

7. Leaving Rubbish in the Seatback Pocket

Not just flight attendants, anybody who appreciates cleanliness will definitely have a problem with your disposing of refuse irresponsibly.