Newspapers have always been the preferred way to stay up to date with the events of the nation and the world over. It is one way to keep up with events that are shaping the future of the world. What makes the newspapers so preferred by many people worldwide, is the sheer use of vocabulary and accuracy of news reports, something which mainstream media seems to have lost amidst all the competition.

Ghana is one of those African countries which has managed to show their love for the newspaper time and time again. This has resulted in some of the biggest newspaper brands in Ghana. In today’s article, we’ve decided to take a look at 12 Ghana newspapers for current Ghana news.

1. All Ghana News – Ghana Newspapers

allghananews - Ghana newspapers
Ghana Newspapers

Coming in at number one position, All Ghana News is one of the leading private/national newspapers in Ghana today. What makes this newspaper different from the rest of the Ghana newspapers available today, is the absolute fearlessness with which they present the incidents that are shaping the destiny of Ghana. But perhaps the best part of this newspaper is the online access it gives to people from all around the world, which allows them to get up to date in their preferred language.

2. The Daily Guide Ghana

When it comes to private newspapers, many people do shy away from them as most times the news is believed to be extremely commercial and inaccurate. But this is one taboo that The Daily Guide Ghana newspapers has managed to break away with their record-breaking circulation and popularity. Selling more than 22, 000 copies a day and being available all over Ghana, this leading private newspaper is without a doubt the preferred choice for many to get their required dose of news.

3. The Evening News

Being one of the most popular and primary state-owned newspaper, The Evening News has managed to overcome multiple accusations and charges of being influenced by the government and managed to become one of the most sought-after newspapers in Ghana.

4. The Ghanian Chronicle

First established in 1996, The Ghanaian Chronicle has without a doubt managed to become the most circulated, private, English newspaper in Ghana today. With more than 45,000 daily copies circulated all over Ghana, The Ghanaian Chronicle is without a doubt one of the best newspapers in Ghana. It covers the real happenings in the nation even the country’s financial turmoils.

5. Ghanaian Times

With a constant political turmoil and increase in corruption, many people choose private newspapers over state-owned ones. But The Ghanaian Times has managed to break that block people have against the state-owned newspapers. Having a daily circulation of more than 80,000 copies, The Ghanaian Times is without a doubt the most popular newspaper in Ghana.

6. Ghana Palaver

Even though most people may overlook weekly newspapers in Ghana, The Ghana Palaver is without a doubt the most influential newspapers in Ghana today. While delivering to people, a complete and fearless weekly report of the important events in Ghana, this newspaper has managed to gain some serious critical acclaim, being a weekly issue.

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7. Business Guide

No country is complete without its own economy-based newspaper and the Business Guide has managed to become one of the leading business based newspapers in Ghana. Wrapping up the complete happenings of the week, The Business Guide offers a deep insight into the world of business in Ghana.

Ghana Newspapers
Ghana Newspapers

8. The Finder Newspaper

With a complete coverage of the political scene, entertainment, business, sports and health, The Finder Newspaper is one of the best choices for the daily reader.

9. Junior Graphic

Offering some of the best news for children aged around 11 and 12 years old, The Junior Graphic has truly managed to become one of the best newspapers not only in Ghana, but also the world over. What makes this newspaper the best for children is the simple fact that it focuses on delivering the most educational news in the most entertaining way possible.

10. The Mirror

Started in 1953, The Mirror has without a doubt managed to remain one of the most popular newspapers in Ghana – delivering some of the most unadulterated news in Ghana for more than fifty years. The Mirror’s main focus is to bring the people of Ghana face to face with the true happenings in the nation.

11. People and Places

Breaking from the traditional newspapers, People and Places has truly managed to become the breath of fresh air that most Ghanaian people have been looking for. Offering some of the deepest insights into famous people, popular tourist destinations and health, People and Places is the name if you are looking for a relaxing newspaper.

12. Daily Graphic

Launched in 1950, along with the Sunday Mirror and a circulation rate of more than 100,000 daily, the Daily Graphic is without any doubt, the best state-owned newspaper in Ghana. With more than 53 years of experience of delivering only the best news to the people of Ghana, The Daily Graphic is without any doubt one of the top Ghana newspapers to look out for.

Here’s a Full List of Other Newspapers in Ghana

Accra Daily Mail Today Newspaper The Public Agenda Vibe Ghana Weekly Express
All Ghana News Free Press People & Places (P&P) News Ghana GhanaStar
Business and Financial Times The Gazette Newspaper 90 Minutes Newspaper The Timeline Newspaper Republik City News
Christian Messenger The Ghanaian Chronicle The Ghanaian Observer Sunday Herald Weekly Insight
Daily Ghana Ghanaian Voice News One Newspaper The Statesman Weekly Spectator
Daily Statesman Green Dove Network Herald The Searchlight Graphic Showbiz
The Dispatch Guide Young Blazers The Mirror The Christian Scoop Newspaper Modern Ghana
The Entrepreneur Newspaper The Guide Junior Graphic Catholic Standard
The Evening News Heritage The Independent The Pioneer


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