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Ghana Web isn’t just any website; it represents the daily happenings of the Ghanaian people, providing constant updates to these captivating events, news, opinions as well as information related to Ghana. In short, Ghana Web is everything to Ghana. provides a varied kind of services to Ghanaian people that are not just limited to news and special happenings in the country. The website also dedicates advertisement columns for interested parties wishing to advertise their businesses or companies online. Here are 10 things you can do on or rather the user services offered by Ghana Web.

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10 Things You Can Do on Ghana Web []

1) Advertising Products and Services

Advertising is very common among websites and is no exception as the website provides the user with an ads page where you can place your advertisements. Our marketing online tool helps you and your business reach many potential clients out there and increase your chances of expanding your business.

2) Link Journalism

It is our understanding that most people today are in trend with social networks and as such provides the user with links to other sites to provide a better user experience. These links may include creating handles, for instance, Facebook and Twitter handle as extensions where users can share information on social media networks.

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3) Tagging

Today it is hard to believe that quite a number of news sites don’t have tags on their content pages. Ghana Web enables tagging in order to help searching content easier as well as organizing it.

4) Comment on Trending Posts

A traditional newsprint has a number of limitations as compared to today’s digital newsprints. One major limitation is the inability to actively comment in editorials or events and news presented in a traditional printout. This can be annoying sometimes. However, Ghana Web allows you as the reader to post your comment regarding a certain story, event or publication and in the process, it helps bring the author’s content to life.

5) provides the readers with blogging capabilities to exercise their prowess on this site on the website’s blog directory where they can also easily connect to and find great additional resources. Any interested parties with blogging prowess can be given columns and freelance work as well so that their unique, new and fresh content can get a chance to excite their target audience.

6) Ghana Web, in conjunction with Ghana Cartrader, provides an online platform where potential clients can buy and sell cars in the country. In addition, you can view online streaming of live TV (Njoy TV) on this website and listen to, and watch video music as well as read music articles.

7) Ghana web offers its users with own websites RSS feeds that help keep the visitors of these users’ websites as an update on is automatically updated on your website. The website also offers customized RSS feeds depending on specific user requirements, where one can have a custom RSS feed to automatically publish articles about your specific requirements on your website.

8) Story-based Communities covers a variety of local and international news. One way people capture news today is via smartphones and other handheld devices. This is the major reason why this website has a dedicated live blogging and discussion tool to provide users with interactive coverage of live events and other breaking news, post real-time comments, videos and audio files among other types of content that can easily be recorded and embedded in a publication or story.

9) Ghana Web is a social platform totally dedicated to Ghana and as such it reports practically all events happening in the country. On this website, you can find a variety of news feeds; ranging from local sports, finance, and politics to news on the global stage with regards to technology, business as well as life.

10) The internet today provides virtually everything we can ever dream of, be it information, employment, relationships, etc. This has contributed hugely to the Web’s position as a point of reference for those millions of Ghanaians living in Diaspora. The traffic to the website’s portal has been on the increase, an indication that more and more Ghanaians in Diaspora are using the site to update themselves with their mother country’s news and other events.