The importance of education to humanity is magnificent. If there has ever been a stage in life that makes us all equal, a stage where a large majority of humans in the society has undergone, then it has to be and, is indeed, education. It has been and will always be an important pillar of our society for development and progress.

So, many might wonder – what makes education so important? Why is everybody trying to get a piece of it even in the later stages of life? Why do parents strive to give their children the best in terms of education? Why do parents and families sacrifice and go through hardships to provide their kids and siblings with a good education?

Those questions are quite simple to answer – Education is the cornerstone of discernment and it helps to build and shape strong characters and futures. Here are some facts that will enable you to understand the importance of education – 10 quick facts!

10 Undeniable Facts on the Importance of Education

1. We are lucky and unlucky to live in this era of so much technological advancement; because of this, the societal demands are also high. The constant progress and development require good qualifications in educational standards. One has to be knowledgeable to cope with the ever-changing world; a good education will facilitate that and as well, determine where you will be in the social strata and the type of people you associate with.

2. Education helps us to scale through various aspects of life, making us stand out in a crowd. Literacy speaks for itself and so does illiteracy. How one talks and interacts with the world is greatly determined by their level of education.

3. It is almost impossible for anyone to hoax you with data or statistics if you are learned. The poor are often faced with a lot of difficulties due to their lack of educations. For instance, governments or politicians will hoax farmers and peasants into signing agreements and documents they don’t understand. A smart person can demarcate cunningness and refuse to do the wrong thing. Education makes you aware.

4. Education helps to mold independent minds and people. You are able to use what you have and you can rely on your instincts or knowledge in making the right decisions. A thought process which is independent comes along when one is exposed to various forms of knowledge. This broadens your thinking, perspectives and in the process frees you from illiteracy. That is mental awareness and independence!

5. Education is knowledge which is in turn, power. Once you have that, you can be enthusiastic about life and involve yourself in forums and healthy discussions. It helps to mold awareness in all areas of life, to develop an open mind and as well, keep up with the world. It is key in developing of individuals with high self-esteem who are sure of their stand in society and can speak up for themselves.

Importance of Education

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6. With a good education, you can get the job of your dreams and the life you always wanted with much ease. A good career is based on good achievements and credits in your educational background. Stability in life comes about through excelling in school.

7. In order to earn a living, you must have a certain amount of qualification in education. Going for a job interview or filling a school application to attain higher educational level depends solely on the amount of education you have. Lack of it or not having the required standard cuts you out and denies you the chance of having the finer things in life.

8. Education exposes us to people and helps us make meaningful friends. In school settings, we are exposed to people from cultures different from our own. We learn to live and interact with different types of people. This gives us the much-needed exposure and practice that we will need later on in the real world.

9. Education can be compared and likened to wisdom which plays a major role in healthy reasoning. There are young and educated youth or younger people who are more mature and wise in their speech than those who are older than them. The difference is education.

10. Most importantly, education defines our careers and career choices. Careers give us an identity; define our frame of work, areas of interest, future, and caliber. Education creates the platform for a stable career by enabling us to be knowledgeable in our desired field. When one is illiterate they have no choice or option as to what career field they may venture into. They end up being subjects to those who are educated.