Meet Lorde Pitcher, The Ghanaian Child That Became a Celebrity from the Cradle

Lorde Pitcher is not just the name of a little girl in Ghana but a name that comes with lots and lots of lovely images – beauty, motherhood, joy, blessing, vigour, health, faith, answered prayers…the list could just continue.

Lorde Ivana Pitcher is actually the first daughter of Ghanaian actress and movie producer Kafui Danku. Born on the 26th of October, 2016, she turned 1 just last month.

But the truth remains that the one-year-old baby has turned out to become more popular and sought-after than some real celebrities in Ghana; and you may ask why…

What Made Little Lorde Pitcher So Popular 

Apart from the fact that baby Lorde is a child to an actress and movie producer – a celebrity in the making, there are other remarkable events that have been causing her name to sound much louder than those of other celebrity babies. Of course, she is also not the only celebrity baby of mixed decent – white and black parents.

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Well, here’re reasons why pretty little Lorde is more popular:

Circumstances Surrounding her Birth

Baby Lorde arrived after five years of her mother’s marriage! Married to an elderly Canadian man Kojo Pitcher, Kafui Danku went through what could be described as hell before finally having a successful pregnancy and delivery.

The actress revealed she had one still birth and three miscarriages prior to the birth of her baby girl. Her awful experiences were exactly why she describes are daughter as “a living testimony of God’s promise to every woman”. It was actually after Kafui made public the ordeals she went through before having baby Lorde that all the fame started! And then the…

Brand Ambassador Thing Came

Lorde Pitcher is lucky enough to become a brand ambassador at just 4 months old! Producers of one of the best and most highly rated baby diapers, Royal Monopoly considered bay Lorde as the favorite face to market their product. In February, the company signed Kafui Danku and her daughter as the brand ambassadors of the product.

Lorde together with her mum, have since then been the face of Royal Monopoly baby diapers. The 18-month contract, which is subject to renewal, sees Baby Lorde and Kafui feature in the adverts of in Royal Monopoly baby diapers on various platforms (billboard, video and radio jingles), documentaries and other promotions for marketing the product across the country.

Baby Lorde already has an Instagram Page…and Guess her number of followers?

Owing to her level of popularity, an Instagram page was created for baby Lorde. She currently has over 12,000 followers! You can find out more about the famous baby at babylordethefirst.

…and she’s got a boyfriend too!

Boyfriend? You’ll ask. Yes, a boyfriend, and a celebrity boyfriend for that matter! And how did it all start? It happened that on Lorde Pitcher’s first birthday, Kumawood actress, Vivian Jill posted a photo of her son, Alfie and Baby Lorde together and wrote:

“The KING is happy because today is his girlfriend’s birthday….. Happy birthday to you my Beautiful in-law. May our good LORD PROTECT and BLESS your new age.”

Lorde’s mum, Kafui gave a consenting response, saying: “Hahaha, Amen! Thank you king Alfie and Mama Viv” and Baby Lorde via her managed account also sealed it with a “Thank you, aunty and king”. Done deal!

Check out these lovely photos of Lorde Pitcher:

Baby Lorde popularity has continues to increase as she grows. Over the year, about 520 pictures of her have been shared on her Instagram page which has garnered up to 39.6k followers, making her the most followed baby in Ghana.

On May 10, 2018, the PR Team for ABC Pictures Limited announced that her mum will be launching a new charity project tabbed, ‘Ghana Power Kids Charity Ball.’

The project is said to aim at supporting kids at the Kwashiorkor Unit of Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital, Accra. Proceeds realized from ticket sales will be donated to the hospital. This event, scheduled on Saturday 26th May at Zeeland Fun World, Legon City Mall, Accra. It is also powered by Abc Pictures LTD and Zeeland Fun World, in partnership with Princess Marie Louise Hospital.

Kafui Danku was inspired to help these children due to challenges she faced before she successfully gave birth to baby Lorde. The actress, together with Majid Michel will host the event.

Richest Celebrity Kid 

Baby Lorde who turned 1 year old on October 26, 2017, is regarded not only as popular but the richest celebrity kid in Ghana with a net worth of over GH¢100K.