Stephen Atubiga: Everything You Must Know about the NDC 2020 Presidential Hopeful

The 2020 presidential race of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will likely be a very competitive one, considering the number of party members eyeing the presidency. Among the numerous persons who have indicated interest in the presidential slot of the NDC is Stephen Atubiga, a member of the NDC communication team.

Atubiga, since after publicly declaring his intentions to contest for the presidency in the next elections, has been exuding much confidence, touting himself as the best candidate to bear the NDC presidential flag come 2020. He has also indicated that he must contest for the NDC presidential slot despite whoever else that will be running for the position, including former president John Mahama.

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The apparently talkative upcoming politician who touts himself as the first ever ordinary Ghanaian to come out for presidency, has also vowed to do anything for the NDC to come back to power, including sacrificing his life.

“In politics, everything is possible; it is a serious business so if NDC is to sacrifice my life to win power, no problem. If it is good for NDC I call for it,” Atubiga recently said on Kumasi-based Ash FM.

Atubiga Reacts to Regional Chairmen’s Endorsement of Mahama

The ten regional chairmen of the NDC last week, called on former president John Mahama to contest for the presidency come 2020 elections; a move that has since been receiving gross criticisms from both the leadership and membership of the party.

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Stephen Atubiga while speaking on Kumasi-based OTEC FM, described the regional chairmen’s action as hypocritical. Mr Atubiga revealed that most of the regional chairmen have also given him their support in his presidential aspiration. For him, their turning around to urge Mahama to lead the party is sheer hypocrisy, purely founded on hunger for power, adding that he will soon expose them.

“Most of these same chairmen who have endorsed Mahama have also endorsed me. I think they are taking us for granted but I will expose them soon.”

Meanwhile, having enough guts to indicate interest in the presidency is really a noble feat that calls for commendation. Moreover, whenever any individual decides to take up such an honourable course, he or she automatically rises above being just an ordinary Ghanaian to becoming a prominent personality whom people would certainly love to know more about them. This is exactly why we bring you everything you need to know about Stephen Atubiga, one of the NDC 2020 presidential aspirants. Read on…

About Stephen Atubiga

Who is he?

Stephen Atubiga is a communications team member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). He hails from Binduri in the Binduri District of the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Stephen actually became noticed on the political scene when he contested the 2012 NDC parliamentary primary in the Binduri constituency. He subsequently joined the party’s communications team, having been defeated in the race.

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Atubiga is an electrician by profession and currently works as a service personnel at the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

What’s his Background like?

Mr. Atubiga in a recent interview, revealed that he was born into a political family. According to him, his biological father was an MP from 1992-2000. His kid brother, Mathias Atubiga was also in parliament with the likes of Ackaah, Kufuor, Obed Asamoah during Lehman’s regime. He also revealed that his grandfather was a member of council during Nkrumah’s administration.

Atubiga’s Parliamentary Races

Stephen Atubiga has made two failed attempts at the parliamentary seat of his constituency, Binduri under the umbrella of the NDC. As earlier hinted, he made the first attempt in 2011 ahead of the 2012 general elections, but lost at the primary election stage.

Determined to achieve his dream, Mr Atubiga made another failed attempt in 2015 to contest the 2016 parliamentary election on the ticket of the NDC in the Binduri constituency.

Atubiga’s Imprisonment

Stephen Atubiga was jailed in 2013 during the 2012 landmark Supreme Court Election petition.  As the trials were ongoing, a lot of unsavoury comments and reactions were flying around the media and Stephen happened to be one of those who paid dearly for theirs.

Something similar to the predicament of the Montie FM panelists befell Atubiga when he eventually landed in court alongside Ken Kuranchie, following an order from by presiding judge, Justice William Atuguba for making contemptuous comments on radio about the petition process and the judges.

Although Stephen and his colleague unconditionally retracted the offending statements and rendered profuse and unqualified apologies to the court, they both got a mitigated sentence of three days imprisonment. Recounting his ordeal to the media following his release, Atubiga said the three days in jail were like three months!

From what you now know about Stephen Atubiga, do you think he is qualified to run for presidency? Please, let’s have your reactions at the comment section below.