Rashida Black Beauty

Rashidatu Mohammed, alias Rashida Black Beauty, released yet another controversial video of herself stark naked on her social media, spurring media outrage.

The video described as disgusting by many Ghanaians has got several tongues wagging and screaming that her actions are the result of a failed society.

Rashida Black Beauty as she was nicknamed won a Viral Video of the Year award with her Kushmai recording during the 2016 Jiwe Award. But not everybody was happy about it, as a matter of fact, a lot of people expressed disdain over the organizers of the award event.

Some gutsy individuals voiced out their opinions saying the organizers of the award are those who have taken it upon themselves to destroy the moral fiber of the country. They referred to the now deceased singer, Ebony Reign who was notable for her indecent dressing, and asserted that the award Rashida received would only trigger a rise in the already extreme sexual exposure and perversion of young Ghanaian ladies.

To others, handing Rashida the award is not surprising; after all, the movies and songs being promoted by the media in the country have for so long portrayed nudity as something cool. On several quarters, Ghanaians are asking that the lady should be offered help. It is widely believed that her actions were a reflection of society’s failure and, that she should be held accountable for what she did.

Meanwhile, amid the tongue lashing, Rashida Black Beauty took to her Facebook page to apologize. Her apology reads:

Hello Ghana, I am sorry and I regret my actions, there is a lot of explanation to this video but I guess the harm has already been done so no one will be willing to hear what I have to say or tell them.

All I want to say is I regret my actions and I hope Ghanaians do forgive me… Thank you!

The latest video regarded as an evidence, pointing to the moral degeneration of the fast-rising social media celebrity, Rashida Black Beauty sparked judgemental discussions on the WhatsApp platform – Alliance for Women in Media, Africa.

Many of the platform users spoke up, with one saying:

I don’t think she has good people around her. Her manager only seemed interested in getting his hands on the money people offered her to help further her education.

Another user named Rhema noted that the society has failed people like Rashida by reducing popularity and fame to nudity and indecency. People like Efe Plange, the Founder of Sankofa Reviews concurred with another member who contended that it’s difficult for a decent, hardworking person to thrive without a controversy.

Plange said:

You cannot do decent diligent work and make it in Ghana. Looks like you have to be dubious to have it work out for you. She is a product of our society, a reflection of our system.

The discussion which started off with the objective of looking out for the welfare of Rashida Black Beauty turned into a critical look at what possibly triggered her actions and its possible consequences on the present generation. Some suggested that depression and management could’ve pushed her towards such indecent behavior.

Furthermore, concerns were raised over the role of the media in promoting sexual indecency and the growing trend of sex tape leaks. Another comment made on the Whatsapp page reads:

Social media sets the pace now. Traditional media must be up and doing. We have to blame ourselves, most media houses now pick their news bulletin from social media, lazy journalism.

The contributor believes that if the media is truly setting the agenda and working in the interest of the people, then discussions around video leaks will be steered in a more healthy direction.

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Although many came out to rebuke Rashida Black Beauty, there are those who supported her nude display, arguing that she has the right to be heard and seen. These guys stressed that the oppression of the woman body is why people like Rashida should be lauded. They pointed out that what she did is quite normal in foreign countries, suggesting that those reprimanding Rashida are primitive.

Currently, Rashida Black Beauty has 7,086 followers on her IG page which, by the way, is a private account.