Glo Ghana Internet (APN) Settings Configuration

 It is almost impossible to survive without internet nowadays. Constant access to the internet comes highly appreciated and in this day and era there is no reason why you should not be able to do so. Almost all the mobile phones in the market today allow users to browse the worldwide web from any part of the world. The problem that many people however face is the fact that there is no worldwide network provider. Can you imagine if the whole world was served by only one network provider? Unfortunately this is not the case and so you have to keep changing from one provider to another when you move to different countries. When you land in Ghana, you should switch to Glo with immediate effect. Here’s why:

Ghana’s internet service providers 

Ghana is one of the few African countries with more than two mobile service companies. When you are in this West African country you can rest assured that you will get quality internet service. The most popular internet service provider is Glo. This company has been in business for quite some time now offering excellent mobile network services to people across the country. 

Airtel is another very popular mobile network provider in Ghana. Airtel is a popular hit across the continent just like the Vodaphone and MTN- the other two top mobile network companies in Ghana. Airtel may have great internet services in other countries like Kenya but these do not match up to those that Glo offers Ghana. 

Glo Ghana Internet 2

High Speed Internet 

Slow internet has been ranked among the most annoying things in the world. You will find yourself to be extremely lucky if you are in Ghana. Glo Ghana Internet speeds rank highly not only in the country but also across the continent. In fact, if you want the fastest internet in Africa, go to Ghana and you will get to experience true internet speeds. The Glo 1 fiber optic cable carries an immense bandwidth. This means that as a Glo mobile internet user, you will be able to access fast and reliable internet right at the palm of your hand.

You can employ the use of your mobile phone, a modem or work with a wireless router. Whichever option you take, be rest guaranteed that you will get quality internet service. To top it up, you have two payment options for the high speed internet. You can choose to purchase data bundles or take the ‘pay as you go’ option. Bundles are by far more affordable than other alternatives. As a prepaid customer, money will be deducted from your prepaid account to pay for the internet service though you can always go for the postpaid option. 

Glo Ghana Internet (APN) Settings Configuration

Glo Ghana Free Calls Service

Setting up for internet

There are several ways you can get the Glo Ghana internet configuration settings in your device. One option is to contact customer service. When you purchase a Glo SIM card you will get a small booklet with contacts. There is the toll free customer service number- though you might have to wait for long time to talk to an agent. There are other phone numbers you can use to contact the customer care. 

But why should you go through all this trouble while you can get the settings manually. Using the following general procedure you can get the Glo APN settings on your smartphone easily: 

• Go to phone menu

• Go to wireless and networks 

• Go to mobile networks 

• Go to Access Point Names (APNs) 

• Select new APN

• Edit APN- the name should be Glo, APN: Internet and the Auth Type: None or PAP

These steps are for devices running an android operating system. However, the APN is the same regardless of which device you are using. 

furthermore on the Glo Ghana Internet (APN) SettingsConfiguration 

Subscribing bundles 

Taking the prepaid option is logical if you are in Ghana only for a few days. There are many bundle plans to select from. The largest option is the diamond plan. You will get 10GB to spend all 24 hours of the day. This plan expires after 90days. There is the ‘daily personal’ plan which allows all customers to get 50MB worth of internet to spend throughout the day. This bundle plan is only valid for one day. It is also the cheapest. When you dial the USSD code *127# you will be able to check out the multiple Glo Ghana internet bundle options.

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