MTN Ghana Internet (APN) Settings Configuration

The internet is increasingly becoming a part of people’s lives and today people all over the world from all walks of life depend on it for their day to day activities ranging from communications, research, education etc. In the recent days, there has been an internet revolution in Africa and more people from the continent are increasingly getting access to the World Wide Web. Ghana is at the forefront of African nations leading this massive internet revolution boasting one of the highest penetration of mobile broadband in the continent backed by relatively good infrastructure and a number of internet service providers (ISPs) ensuring that more and more people get access to cheaper and faster internet. MTN Ghana internet is leading the way by introducing low cost bundles for both its prepaid and post paid customers. 

MTN Ghana Internet (APN) SettingsConfiguration

Like the rest of Africa, most people in Ghana use their mobile gadgets to access the internet and most of these people are prepaid subscribers. MTN Ghana acknowledges that and has gone to great lengths to ensure that the prepaid customers enjoys internet with great satisfaction wherever they are. Gone are the days when bundles used to be only for postpaid customers. Today, the prepaid customers can afford to buy a low cost bundle without the large deposit which was attributed to postpaid customers and which was unaffordable for most people.

MTN Ghana history can be traced back to 2006 when MTN entered the Ghana market. It has since expanded and upgraded its systems to meet the needs of its customers. It now boasts the widest network coverage in Ghana and the sole operator in Ghana to meet the 3G licensing requirement. It has invested immensely in over 4000km of fiber optic cable which provides faster internet and increased bandwidth hence with increased and enhanced quality, customers are able to access fast internet on their gadgets and also access online gaming and online television.

Since data has been identified as the key growth focus MTN is undertaking massive investments to ensure that it taps this opportunity and is able to meet its ever growing data demand. Customers will continue to enjoy quality data services and also services such as mobile money. Additional investments that it is undertaking include power and modernization of IP network.

MTN Ghana internet also recognizes  the fact that it needs to ensure its customers get the best of experience when using the internet and has invested in advanced customer experience tools to enhance provision of faster and more efficient customer services to increase the level of customer’s confidence and satisfaction. MTN Ghana internet customers are able to reap the benefits of the superb services and well equipped personnel that provide assistance when needed.

MTN Ghana has also identified the barriers that prevent it from offering quality services such as theft, fiber cuts and power outages and provided solutions to those challenges to continue providing the best service to their customers.

MTN Ghana Internet (APN) Settings Configuration

How To Access MTN Ghana Internet

In order to enjoy MTN internet you have to ensure that your gadget is GPRS/Edge capable. If not, make sure you get yourself a gadget that is capable. You then have to configure to MTN internet settings by dialing *686# and wait for the confirmation message from MTN Ghana Internet. All you have to do is open the message and click to install it. However not all gadgets can support this method. If your phone is not configured using this way, MTN will notify you and you will have to enter the configuration settings manually. This method is a bit difficult than the previous method.

To configure internet access manually please use the following settings:

• Open your phone internet settings then you look for APN settings.

• The APN is ‘internet’ then proceed to fill in the homepage field and leave the rest blank.

• Leave the proxy and ip settings blank but if unable to access the internet the proxy is

• Port is 80 or 8080.

• Save the settings

• Top up and select your preferred bundle

• you can now enjoy the MTN Ghana internet which is cheap and fast.

If still unable to access the internet visit your nearest MTN Ghana internet customer care office and seek assistance. MTN guarantees you only the best quality data services

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