5 Reasons Why Most Ghanaian Ladies Are yet To Tie The Knot

Marriage is important to everybody but more particularly to women. However, with the significant rise in the number of single ladies in Ghana, you have to wonder what the reason could be. Not like I am holding a punch on women, but it is really disturbing how more and more Ghanaian ladies are still single. Although, research has shown that some of the single Ghanaian ladies made the tough decision to remain single, but many more did not. Such women who made such decision are regarded as strong and independent women. You will agree with me that the number of single Ghanaian ladies who really can’t wait to be married significantly outweighs the number of these independent and strong women.

Our focus is on why the women who didn’t make such tough a decision to remain single are still single? The same research has shown why this is so: most single Ghanaian ladies are yet to deal with their turn-off behaviors. Yes! Single Ghanaian ladies think they are getting it right, but they are not. Read on to see some of the ill conducts that have kept most Ghana ladies Single.

1. Most Ghanaian Ladies Hunt For Husbands


I know this would possibly piss women off but it is true. Once most single ladies meet a man, they begin to hear wedding bells, picture themselves moving in with him and start trying to get pregnant. With each man, their question is, “Is he marriage material?” They look only at his financial achievements, his stability, and his willingness to be married. Of course I’m not saying that these are bad things to check, but their willingness and focus on the marriage rather than the man usually scares the men and keep them at bay. Most men may even mistake it for desperation which is not attractive. You should know that it takes time for two people to invest emotionally and finally get connected enough to take that step.

You really need to change the tactics if you are one of those type of ladies. Some Ghanaian ladies go as far as proposing when it seems like the guy is wasting time. They forget that men love to do the chasing.

2. Their Choice Of Men Are Yet To Exist

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There are tons of single Ghanaian ladies who can’t find any man good enough for them. They build a castle in their minds and end up comparing any man who comes their way with their imaginary man. What is most disturbing is that they are really not ready to be realistic. They probably want a guy who is 7’s in looks and 9’s in intelligence while they are 5’s and 4’s in those. Anything less is not an option for them. They totally forget  that they can be extremely happy with someone who doesn’t meet their preconceived image of their ideal mate if they just try.The truth is that most Ghanaian ladies over-estimate themselves. They want a guy who is tall, dark, handsome, highly intelligent, sophisticated, and cultured, but get disappointed because most of the ones they meet fall short of one or more of the qualities. Those with the qualities they seek after may not want them, but they would rather stay single instead of going for the ones who wants and value them.

When the type of men you yearn to have are not interested in you, it only makes sense if you change your dating options. Yes! Turn to those who are readily available and determine to find them attractive. Also, if you always think you are better than any man who wants you in his life, you could be getting rid of people who really care. Here is my advice; drop the attitude and irrelevant things and focus on the man who has the reasonable things in the target you have set for yourself. Also, don’t set unreasonable standards because you might never find all of the standards in one man. The truth is that no “real”man may ever measure up to your imagination.

3. They Are Not Ready To Compromise


Many Ghanaian ladies are single because they have misinterpreted feminism. They take it to mean not compromising in any area of a woman’s life including her career. Nobody is saying you should sacrifice everything you have always wanted or be a slave to any man. But the “never settle or never compromise” attitude adopted by Ghanaian women in the name of empowerment has created a problem for marriage minded women. Many Ghanaian ladies can’t make any sacrifices for their relationships when it has to do with their career. Such people tend to place more importance on their jobs than their relationships and they expect the guy to make all the sacrifices. You could say men admire hardworking women, but when stretched beyond reasonable limit, it can turn them off absolutely.

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So if you want a perfect career and a perfect relationship, there are trade-offs and sacrifices to be made which really does not mean you are out of your right track rather, it means that life involves many different and confusing aspects. Everything must not go your way, remember you can’t have it all. Your guy would also want to feel as special as he makes you feel.

4. They Write Men Off After The First Date


Most of the single ladies in Ghana have the habit of writing men off after meeting them for the first time. They expect too much on the first date and when it does not go their way, their perception will change. Okay, first impression matters, but don’t judge a book by its cover. Most Ghanaian ladies never try to make more findings. Once you didn’t make it right on the first date you might never be able to do that in future. The first time they go out with you, they’re looking for that fatal flaw and they usually find it. It could be the way you dress, or speak or some other trivial issue that really should not matter much. They pride themselves on being picky, well guess what, guys are more picky than you are. As you are checking him out, he is equally checking you out and most of the time, it is the ones you pick that will reject you.

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5. They Love Unavailable Men


When they meet a guy next to their dating options and  he’s willing to get together with them, they would not want to know if he is taken or not. They are instantly swept off their feet and treated like princesses. Well guess what? Such men are almost always taken and they are just looking for a distraction. He lavishes money on you and never seems in a hurry to take things to another level. Yet, such ladies would turn down the proposal of real men for such already taken men. Suddenly it all starts when he ignores their phone calls, or he changes plans with them so he can go out with his friends or he doesn’t show up for a date. And when he is asked “what happened”, he doesn’t have a substantial answer, they let it go and hope it doesn’t happen again probably because they are scared of losing him.

Get over the fear of losing a man by confronting him when you feel he is no longer stable. Yes! Quit being afraid. Taking chances to achieve your aim seems more effective than sitting around and waiting for something that will not come. Most Ghanaian women get stuck in a particular relationship where the man disregards them, and puts in very little effort to make things work. They embrace this ill treatments wholeheartedly because they are afraid he’s going to walk. Well, men recognize this and play on it most of the time. So it would be better if you stomp out of that relationship whenever he proves himself unavailable otherwise, what you will find out later may surprise you.

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