Tattoos have become enmeshed in pop culture over the years hence the increase in the desire for more creative ones, especially name tattoo designs. This also happens to be a trend that is constantly being made cool and increasingly popular by bigtime celebrities who flaunt different designs ranging from simple worded letters to picture art of various forms. This has led to the increase in the desire for many young people especially in the United States to get their very own tattoo. In the situation whereby these kids are too young to get tattoos, they might just have to wait till they are eighteen(18) years of age and above to get one. The only exception here maybe is such a minor has a very liber parent then he or she may just get one.

In terms of continents like Africa, getting a tattoo is still a heavily frowned upon by the older generation citizens. Nevertheless, with the growth of the entertainment industry in most of the countries in Africa, her celebrities just like that of the foreign countries are also helping to popularize the trend.

Getting your body inked might be cool but one must be aware of the risks involved in doing it wrong. The risk which can range from skin damage to inability to donate blood or regret for drawing a tattoo of a picture of someone’s name that you are no longer associated or involved with. These are some of the reasons to think really good and carefully about it, before getting it done on your body.

Now, if you are sure you want to get a cool tattoo done, you will then need to decide just how much you want done as well as the type you want it to be (a tattoo with just an image or tattoo with words alone). For the sake of this article, we will be keeping it narrowed with a major focus on worded tattoos.

It should be noted that getting a name tattoo or worded tattoo design is quite different from that of just an image. Getting a name of someone tattooed on your body is serious. Most people who do this might be seeking to honour their loved ones, a celebrity, a deceases person and so on; thereby going to the extent of tattooing such their names on their body.

Therefore, we have selected some beautiful designs that carry the names of people. You may not find the exact name design you are looking for, but these designs below might give a good start to help you make the better choice. Here are 30 fascinating ones that might just interest you.

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Creative Name Tattoo Designs You Might Like

1. Raphael

name tattoos designs 1

2. Felicity

name tattoos designs 2

3. Lexii

name tattoos designs 3

4. Stephanie

name tattoos designs 4

5. Elle

name tattoos designs 5

6. Jaydenname tattoos designs 6

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7. Nicholas

name tattoos designs 7

8. Dienes

name tattoos designs 8

9. Echols

name tattoos designs 9


name tattoos designs 10

In getting your tattoo done, make sure to visit an artist you trust at least one that has been recommended probably by someone who has gotten their done from such an artist remember to keep this in mind. Moreso, do not be too concerned about the price. If it happens to be on the high side but the artist has a good reputation, then seriously consider getting it done by such artist. By so doing, you will reduce the limited risk by a whole lot. That being said, here are more beautiful, simple but sophisticated designs you can consider.

11. Sara

name tattoos designs 11

12. Larissa

name tattoos designs 12

13. Sheilay

Name Tattoo Designs13

14. Juliette

Name Tattoo Designs14

15. Simon

Name Tattoo Designs15

Baby Name Tattoos – Tattoos With Kids Names

16. Justice

baby tattoo name

17. Katie

baby tattoo name2

18. Isabella

baby tattoo name3

19. Sophia

baby tattoo name5

20. David

baby tattoo name6

21. Amber

baby tattoo name7

More Interesting Name Tattoo Designs

22. Donte

baby tattoo name8

23. Arizona Marie

baby tattoo name10

24. Sammy

Name tattoo designs

25. Hayden

baby tattoo name12

26. William

baby tattoo name13

27. Christian

baby tattoo name14

28. Chris

baby tattoo name15

29. Gabriel Storm

baby tattoo name16

30. Leah

  Name tattoo designs

In the end, tattoos are becoming quite popular than ever before and we have celebrities to thank for that. Though the practice is still frowned upon in some parts of the world, globalization is making it more accepted by the day. The tattoos which can either be a picture art or a name tattoo is dependent on the choice of the individual which can range from a lovers name, a childhood fantasy, a superhero figure among other can be a reason one may decide to get a tattoo. Whatever your reasons, tattoos can be cool as long as you get a good design drawn on you by the right artist. Therefore the above samples of some of the best name tattoos have been displayed to help you make the best decision you can.