Top 10 Biggest Banks in Ghana 2015

Ghana is a country in Africa that boasts of a fast growing economy. Despite facing poor performance in the late 1980s, the country has risen in the last 20 years to become a significant powerhouse in the African continent. Consequently, the Ghana banking industry has evolved significantly in terms of structure and the number of banking institutions. In the early 1990s, radical changes were introduced in the banking sector and upgrading was done paving the way for a modern system of banking that is more efficient and up to standard.

The Following is a List of Top 10 Biggest Banks in Ghana:

1. Barclays Bank of Ghana

Barclays bank of Ghana

Barclays has been in Ghana for the last nine years. As a full subsidiary of Barclays Ltd UK, the bank has commanded a big percentage of the banking industry in Ghana. The fact that it aims and targets customers with a bid to make banking easier has given its operations a shot in the right arm. Needless to say, its extensive network of over 59 branches scattered all over major towns in Ghana has made it one of the most convenient banks in Africa. The agency network and the ATM system have made banking easier even for the SMEs in the country. Its products for both the local business and corporate clients are very friendly.

2. Fidelity Bank

fidelity_bank - Top 10 Biggest Banks in Ghana

This commercial bank was established in 2006 and is a fully licensed bank of Ghana. It is jointly owned by foreigners and a Ghanaian. Fidelity bank has its headquarters in Accra with over 43 branches all over the prime locations in Ghana.

3. Ecobank Ghana

Ecobank Ghana

A discussion of the top 10 biggest banks in Ghana cannot be complete without mentioning Ecobank. As a global brand, Ecobank has steered towards the finish line based on its corporate banking and amazing products for even the smallest business person in Ghana. Apart from micro-finance customers, other categories that can benefit from the bank’s domestic banking products include the public sector, retailers and the local corporate.

4. Access bank limited

Top 10 Biggest Banks in Ghana - Access Bank

This is one of the leading financial institutions in the country. It ventured into Ghana’s banking industry back in 2009 having commenced business as a private liability company. Access bank in Ghana offers comprehensive universal banking services and other products. Presently, the bank commands a bigger part of the banking population in Ghana with more than 39 branches and 43 ATM machines.

5. Agricultural development bank limited(ADB)

This is one of the state owned banks in Ghana that has been able to effectively compete with the private financial institutions. It is a commercial and development bank that is partially owned by the government of Ghana.