10 Ghanaian Celebrities You Should Not Mess With


We are well aware that Ghana is blessed with a massive collection of renowned celebrities, but there is a set of formidable lots among them who you can’t get away with a careless mention of their names. This is because they have innumerable fans who are ever ready anytime, anywhere to fiercely defend them, even when they know that the criticism in question is a glaring truth. It is quite amazing how some of these celebrities don’t even need to defend themselves when attacked, their fans are ready to leap to their defense at the tiniest provocation. It’s not like they are asking the fans to do that, but the public’s love for them has made their fans very protective of them. Here Are Ghanaian Celebrities You Should Be Careful With: Read on to find out who they are!


This hiphop artist has earned himself a top spot in Ghana’s hip hop scene. His love for music has really endeared him to a host of Ghanaians and drawn millions of fans to his side; therefore, one foul word against him and his whole entourage of fans will come after you, for sure, this has happened severally. Though we may not say he is perfect, as once in a while the media criticize him for his flaws. He remains highly rated and we think he deserves it, as he has proven himself worthy as one of the finest rappers in the country. He is a huge lover of his particular brand of face caps.

sarkodie - Ghanaian Celebrities

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Kevin made it on this list of respectable Ghanaian celebrities because he is highly sought after and praised for his performance whenever he plays for Ghana. He played for Ghana in the recent past 2014 world cup, since then he has been a bit of a pain to the Black Stars team. He retired from local football thanks to reasons best known to him. He is known to be a private person and to do his business in Ghana whenever needed and go back home in peace. His fans do love him.

Hertha BSC Berlin - FC Schalke 04


Initially popular as Ghana’s most ugly actor, Kwadwo Nkasah Liwin has gained much prominence in Ghana’s world of entertainment today. So far so good, Liwin has no major flaws that we know of as we all know he can’t hurt a fly. Though he actually gave Kwaku Manu and Agya Koo a run for their monies, killing their business, which seems to have caused a rift between these three Kumawood stars, ‘but that is purely unintentional’ (probably according to his fans). He has been highly rated and praised for his works. The ladies are really loving him, so don’t dare talk bad about him in the presence of the ladies.

liwin - Ghanaian Celebrities


Joselyn Dumas is a perfectly beautiful, talented and skilled actress, a TV show host and an occasional video vixen. Though we do not know much about her private life because lets face it, its private. She’s highly respected and rated in the Ghanaian showbiz. Joselyn deserves every bit of the hype she gets. She has indeed worked for it and we love her for being herself.


If you ask me, I would say Jackie Appiah is a goddess when it comes to Ghana movies. She has been given kudos for her ability to maintain a clean sheet in her acting career and also a decent line between her personal life and her career. She has indeed been a top-notch actress in the film industry both in Ghana and other neighboring countries, especially in Nigeria’s Nollywood. She has also been praised and graced with many awards, and has achieved quite a lot. She’s also highly respected and looked-up to by many aspiring actresses. Whats more, she’s such a darling.

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