Interesting! GMA Doctors Cancel Resignation Over Conditions of Service; Find Out Why


According to reports, GMA doctors cancel resignation as there has been a final agreement between medical doctors in the public sector and the government.

Doctors have changed their mind on their earlier resignation threats following government’s agreement to meet some of their demands. The mass resignation by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) which was supposed to commence soonest can be said to have been cancelled. According to reports, GMA doctors cancel resignation as there has been a final agreement between Medical doctors in the public sector and the government.

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GMA had embarked on strike last year demanding better conditions of service. The association had also demanded that a codified conditions of service be presented to them to make official the stipulated working conditions of the doctors.

The Deputy general secretary of the association, Dr. Justice Yankson has said that an agreement has been reached between the stakeholders. Dr Yankson said that a document containing the conditions of service of doctors in the public sector is set to be provided by government.

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The secretary said that both the association( the employees) and government (the employers) are set to come up with an official agreement, and that the association would be very much involved in the process to ensure that the full details are properly implemented. This simply means that there are no more disagreements between government and the doctors, as both parties have focused attention towards making sure that all aspects of the conditions are duly incorporated.

Public sector doctors had last year embarked on a three weeks strike following their protest against their conditions of service. The GMA who had been lamenting over their poor conditions of service, decided to make a drastic move. According to them, government had turned deaf ears to their plight. Reports had it that more than 500 deaths were recorded at the time, as there were no medical professionals to attend to patients in hospitals.

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