Unfortunate! You Won’t Believe Why and How This Woman Beat Her Son To Death

A 32-year-old woman has been arrested by the Kwabenya police in Accra for allegedly beating her 11-year-old son to death. The woman whose name was given as Rosina Sam got furious with her son, Andre Sam, a Primary Four pupil of the C&J Montessori at Kotobabi in Accra, after he lost some amount of money given to him to buy something with.

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It was reported that Rosina who operates a supermarket in front of her residence gave her son GHC120 to buy some recharge cards which they also sell at the shop. The young boy was said to have sped off for the errand on a bicycle but came back few minutes later to complain that he has lost the money, saying it must have fallen off from his pocket.

His mother who was got sore annoyed with him allegedly took him to the house, locked him up in a room and beat him mercilessly. After the severe beating, she left him and went back to the shop only to come back later to meet him lying on the bed. The boy then complained of feeling cold and she told him to cover himself with a cloth, after which she once again went back to her shop to continue with her trading, apparently in annoyance without attending to the sick child.

Madam Rosina did not return to the house to check on her sick son until around 9:30 pm when she closed for the day. Ignorant of what has transpired, she called on Andrew severally but received no response. It was then that she decided to check his temperature only to find out that he was already ice cold!

She then called for help and she was helped to rush her son to the La Hospital, but the boy was pronounced dead on arrival.

The matter was reported to the police who came and picked up the 32-year-old woman. Although Madam Rosina claimed to had beaten Andrew who is the first of her three children with her hand, it is suspected that she rather did so with an object.

Meanwhile, Andrew’s body which was initially deposited at the La Hospital morgue.has been transferred to the Police Hospital where autopsy will be carried out on it to assist with investigations into the matter.