4 Nursing Mothers Share Single Bed At Maternity Ward In Tema General Hospital

Tema General Hospital is said to be an uncomfortable and unfavourable  environment for its patients. Recent reports reveal that about four to six women share the same bed in the maternity ward. This is really affecting maternity healthcare and is creating a lot of discomfort as well as posing a health risk for these mothers and their babies.

At the moment, a ward in the maternity which should take about six women now takes up to 36 women, which results to up to four nursing mothers and their babies sharing the same bed. This was confirmed by the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Dr. Kwabena Adusei. There is congestion at the maternity ward of the Tema General Hospital due to lack of infrastructure

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The hospital workers as well as patients have complained about the situation to no avail. The nurses say that most of the time they are compelled to assign up to four women to the same bed as that is the only option they are left with. Mothers who have just delivered and are going through pains would have to sit on chairs so their babies would be comfortable, and it is quite disturbing to the hospital.

Conditions at Tema General Hospital are aggravating day after day, as there is growing population in the Tema metropolis. Efforts have been made to avert the situation but it doesn’t seem to tackle the root cause of the problem which is lack of infrastructure or space.

Earlier this year, Tema General Hospital received some medical supplies amounting to $48,000 from ‘City 2000 Youth Action (C2YA) International’, a Ghana-based NGO. Also Ghana International Bank, (GIB) which is based in the UK have also provided medical materials like suction machines, patient screens, patient trolleys, cardiac monitors, nebuliser, among others.

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The hospital is calling on the government and other corporate organisations to intervene on the situation at the hospital to help reduce pressure on the maternity ward and to boost maternal care.

Tema General Hospital was established in 1954 by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s government. It was constructed to serve as a health post to take care of the engineers who were at the time constructing the Tema Harbour. But as the population in Tema kept increasing rapidly over the years, there has been intense pressure on the hospital.