42-Year-Old Man Arrested At Elubo For Having Sex With 17 Year Old Daughter

A 42-year-old man has been nabbed in Elubo by the police for indulging in an illicit act which is deemed abominable in all ramifications. Anthony Tameklo, a clearing agent in the western region is said to have been forcefully engaging his daughter in sexual activities for 3 years now. He has been arrested by the Half Assini Police in Elubo. The victim is said to be the oldest of his four children (Three girls and a boy). She said her last sexual encounter with her father was on January 10.

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According to the Jomoro District Police Commander Superintendent Ferguson Dzineku, the 17-year-old victim said it all started when she had to move from Aflao to Elubo where her father resided. According to her, her father who is still married to her mother asked her if she had a boyfriend at Aflao and she said she didn’t. He then asked her to lie on the bed and spread her legs so he could examine her to see if she was telling the truth, which she did. At that point he had sexual intercourse with her, that caused her to bleed all through the night. And from then he resorted to having sex with her two or three times a week.

Thinking It would make him stop, she reported him to her mother. But instead, it sprung up a fight between the couple with the man denying everything she said. After her reports to her mother who stays in Aflao but comes ones in a while, he sternly threatened her saying he would chop off one of her ears if she reported him to her mother or any other person.

Supt. Dzineku said Anthony gave her strong beatings whenever she tried to resist him. Furthermore, he added that when their neighbors asked for reasons why he was beating her, he always said she was flirting. He went on to say that the man sometimes opted to giving her sleeping tablets which she takes unknowingly but always woke up wit abdominal pains and blood stains, clear evidence that someone had slept with her.

However, when she refused to take the drugs he would beat her before sexing her. This made him always to hit her before sex. It can be proved too from the various bruises the girl has sustained. The girl is currently at Half Assini government hospital while the man is currently in police custody awaiting prosecution.

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