See What Actor Majid Michel Says About Homosexuality

Ghanaian actor Majid Michel has advised the public especially Christians to desist from the practice of homosexuality and adjust their lives as it is against the will of God.

The eloquent actor, known for his versatile acting prowess said this on the restoration show hosted by Stacy.

He said he believes in the word of God hence urged Christians to obey and respect the holy book for Christians “The Bible”. Responding to the question “do you believe in prophecies?” He said, “yes I do, I respect the Bible.”

We would recall that some other famous persons, including Ghanaian Pastor Mensah Otabil and popular Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao have also openly condemned homosexuality with their stand strictly based on the word of God as written in the Bible.

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The actor said he found it hard to believe people who call themselves Christians, but say they are gay when the Bible speaks against the act.

“I wonder which type of bible they use” if they believe in the bible and still practice homosexuality,” he added.