Yvonne Okoro: Why Actress Must Live With Her Parents Till She Says “I Do”

To the greatest surprise and amazement of many, popular Ghanaian Actress and movie producer, Yvonne Okoro is still living with her parents. The actress made the surprising revelation during a recent interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on her ‘Delay Show’.

While other celebrities of her calibre are in their own personal mansions, Yvonne who is of Nigerian and Ghanaian origin has no other choice but to continue living with her parents until the day she gets married.

“I live with my parents. I live in a very traditional conservative family where there’s that…you can’t bring a man home unless the man, you know…it’s a serious relationship,” she said.

Throwing light on the reason behind her plight, the ‘Ghana Must Go’ movie producer said she has very traditional and conservative parents with very high moral principles.

For her parents, the ideal thing is for a lady to remain with her parents until a man comes asking for her hand in marriage. This simply means that their female kids can only move out of the family house only on the grounds of marriage in order to move in with their spouse.

Although Yvonne had tried breaking this rule in the past, she never succeeded as her parents refused to give her leave. And so she stayed, and stay she must till after she says “I do”!

“It will be tough to move out of my parents’ house. I wanted to move out way back then but because they are very traditional and conservative they said no. They said it is only right to move out after a man comes for my hand in marriage,” Yvonne disclosed.

Among her other numerous achievements, Yvonne Okoro has earned multiple awards to herself and is currently one of the leading actresses in Ghana and Nigeria movie industries. Aside being an actress and movie producer, Yvonne is also an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and CEO of Desamour Company Limited.

All these indisputably qualifies the beautiful actress as a fully independent woman, but her parents won’t hear that!

Meanwhile, Actress Yvonne Okoro in recent times has given hints on why she is still single, as well as the kind of man she hopes to settle down with. In an interview with Showbiz in May, she revealed how men are always afraid to approach her for dating or marriage.

According to her, the major reason she has remained single up till now is because guys think she is way too up on the economic ladder and so always lack the morale to ask her out.

“The issue is men don’t have balls to come forward to ask me out because they think I am already hooked or perhaps I am very high maintenance,” Miss Okoro stated.

Revealing another challenge associated with being a female celebrity, Actress Yvonne said that most of them remain single because they always find it difficult to discern who is genuine or not; as it is always believed that most men go after rich and influential women for their money.

Speaking further during the interview, the ‘Sticking to the Promise’ actress said her desire is to marry a man who understands and makes her happy – not necessarily a rich man. She was however quick to add that she will not marry a man who does not have the morale to woo her.

Yvonne Okoro has however, been rumoured to be hooked to some men in the past, including Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor. There are also recent rumours that she is currently going out with Ghanaian musician, Criss Waddle.

Actress Yvonne made it to the movie stage in 2002 immediately after her Senior High School. The actress who is currently 32, has won many awards including Best Actress at the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards. Click here to read more about her.