A-Plus Visits Mampong Widow; Calls For Massive Support on Her Behalf [VIDEO]

Though her grief cannot be entirely erased, the Mampong widow, Lydia Botwe who lost her husband and children in a tragic fire outbreak has started getting support from concerned citizens . Musician and comedian A Plus has decided to play a significant role in the life of of Mrs Botwe who lost her husband, 4 children and an in-law in the June 3rd fire outbreak in Mampong.

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A Plus reportedly paid a visit to Mrs Botwe in Asante Mampong in the Ashanti Region with some close friends. According to the report, he presented a support package on behalf of Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm, and himself as well to the woman. While there, he interacted with the Mampong widow and checked out the ruins left by the tragic fire.

He had posted some pictures of himself and the bereaved woman on Sunday June 26, calling on concerned citizens to come out and support her.


His Facebook post on Sunday read:

“Came with my brother Bigg D Playman to visit Mrs Lydia Botwe. The lady who lost her husband and kids in the June 3rd fire. It’s a very sad story. This lady won’t be the same again. This is just too much for one person to handle. She needs our support. I’m going to appeal to everyone to support her… Video coming up soon.”

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The video he was referring to is finally out. In the video, A plus is seen calling on everyone to support the woman. He also provided different platforms where the woman could be reached.

The Tragic incident took place on June 3 at Mrs Botwe’s home while she was away.  She had attended her mother’s post burial celebration somewhere away from home; but on coming back, met the demise of her entire family. A raging fire had engulfed their flat, consuming her entire family who could not escape because of the burglar proof, which prevented rescuers from breaking in. A mass burial was held for them on June 7.

Watch the video