Arise For Action: Teachers Call For Arrest of GES Boss Over ‘Fake Teachers’ Saga

Teachers whom salaries have been owed by government for a long time have called for the arrest of the Ghana Education Service, GES boss, Mr Jacob Kor, on the basis that over 400 so called fake teachers were employed under his watch.

Mr Kor, the Director of the GES had announced the discovery by the GES of over 400 teachers with fake certificates whom are to be handed over to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).

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However these teachers disturbed over the matter have asked that the GES boss be apprehended as he cannot be innocent of the issue. These teachers maintain that since the process of recruitment was under his watch, he had knowledge of the so called ‘fake teachers’.

In a statement released, the Affected Teachers accused the GES Director of recruiting and promoting teachers he knew possessed fake certificates. A part of the statement read:

We are calling for the immediate arrest of the Director General for recruiting teachers with fake certificates, and going ahead to confirm and upgrade them whilst he knows they are having fake certificates. Other than that, we are demanding an unqualified apology from him for fabricating lies in the name of ‘freedom of speech and expression’ to mislead the public and for defamation of the teaching profession.”

Teachers had submitted input forms to the GES for the processing of their arrears payment. But according to GES director, out of the 14,575 input forms only 6,268 were found to be attached with genuine supporting documents. Mr Kor had said that of the remaining 8,307 input forms, some were queried by the Audit Service on the grounds of non-inclusion of certificates, establishment warrants, assumption of duty letters and acceptance letters. Hence, the delayed payment of teachers’ arrears.

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This group of affected teachers have resisted these statements by Mr. Kor, regarding them as lies, as they maintain their stand on the apprehension of the GES boss.