Must-See-Video: Watch Banku’s Skin as He Declares ‘No More Bleaching’!

And so Banku stops skin bleaching, all thanks to the young gospel musician, Mclerk!

Bukom Banku has stopped bleaching, so he says. After months of toning his skin, the controversial boxer now known as ‘Banku Flesh’, disclosed he has stopped bleaching. He revealed this after he was invited to perform with gospel artiste Mclerk of ‘Kokroko’ single fame in Takoradi recently.

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Bukom Banku’s skin bleaching became so worrisome that even the Ghana Boxing Association (GBA) warned him that his decision to bleach could end his career.

Banku Flesh whose skin suddenly turned white due to excessive use of bleaching creams, had said in several interviews that he was influenced by one of his wives, who introduced him to bleaching. 

He also had another reason which was his desire to be appointed as Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany, if President Mahama wins the 2016 elections.


After all the foolhardy venture, Banku stops skin bleaching, saying he owes his latest decision to young gospel musician Mclerk. According to Banku, he decided to drop the act after Mclerk preached to him and advised him to stop bleaching his skin.

In a recent video, Banku is seen with the young gospel musician, professing that bleaching is no more for him. Banku in the video also advised the public never to give bleaching a try, as “it is not fine”.

See video:

Daily guide reporter Charles Takyi Boadu posted a picture of himself and Bukom wearing his ‘no more bleaching’ looks. See photo below:

Banku with Charles Takyi Boadu

Also, TV presenter Israel Laryea posted on social media that indeed Banku has given up bleaching. Both Charles and Laryea confirmed Banku’s new decision. They said they were on the same flight with Bukom, who stated categorically to them that he has stopped bleaching. Isreal Laryea wrote on his Facebook page:

Was on the same flight from Takoradi with Bukom Banku whose decision to bleach his skin in recent months was of major concern to many in Ghana.
Well, he says he’s stopped bleaching and it’s quite evident from the pictures, or? He says Ghana people talk too much.

Like Boadu, he also posted pictures of him with the boxer whose appearance proved beyond reasonable doubt that he has turned a new leaf.

Banku with Israel Laryea