BNI To Pick Up Over 400 Teachers With Fake Certificates

Over 400 fake certificates have been discovered by the Ghana Education Service (GES). These teachers with fake certificates are set to be handed over to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI). According to the Director General of GES Jacob Kor, more fake certificates are still coming in as they got up to 200 in one district.

Ghana Education Service mounted a crusade to weed out the fake certificates and as we speak we have gotten some fake certificates totaling over 400. In one district, we even have over 200 before the other distributions and they are still even coming in,” he explained

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Mr. Kor said their names will be given to the BNI for the law to take its course. Regional directors have been asked to forward verification reports on all teachers in other to fish out those with fake certificates. Teachers in both basic and second cycle institutions are all involved in this exercise.

Mr Kor emphasized that the increase in fake certificates is due to the poor recruitment processes which these teachers undergo.

It is during the recruitment of the pupil teachers when due diligence is not done that people enter with fake certificates and even with the current technology that is existing, people are able to produce certificates that if you look at it at the face value without time to go into the details, you will never realize that it is a fake certificate,” he said.

However a lot of fine tuning and adjustments needs to be made in the education sector. A few weeks a meeting of school heads and the Education minister, as well as other stake holders was held in Kumasi to discuss strategic ways by which the education sector can be improved. This current exercise is a good measure towards achieving improvement in the education sector.

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