Brussels Zaventem Airport And Metro Blasts – Many Casualties Recorded

There has been chaos in Brussels as several explosions rocked Brussels Zaventem Airport and a metro station in Belgium, Europe. The airport at the moment has been locked down with all flights and train services cancelled. Two explosions struck Zaventem airport and a separate blast hit Maelbeek metro station near European Union buildings in the Belgian capital shortly after.

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So many casualties have emerged since the blasts. The blast at the airport which took place at the departure area saw at least more than a dozen people killed, with so many others injured. Also not less than 10 were reportedly killed at the metro station

All flights cancelled At the Airport
All flights cancelled At the Airport

Prosecutors have recently confirmed the blasts to be a suicide attack. However it has also been confirmed to be a co-ordinated terror attack as it was carried out by more than one person in different locations. Authorities are handling it as a terrorist situation as it has been confirmed to be a terrorist attack.

The attacks are said to have a strong link to the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, a Belgian-born French national who had been on the run since the Paris attacks. An international arrest warrant on the fugitive had been issued also warning citizens to stay away from him. Abdeslam who was finally discovered during a police raid in Brussels, was wounded and captured by the police on Friday, March 18. He was charged the next day for terrorist murder by Belgian authorities.

It is then perceived that this is a revenge attack on Belgium for capturing the fugitive.

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To this effect, France, which is still in recovery from the gory terrorist attacks last year, has deployed thousands of police officers to its borders, following the Brussels attacks.

Though it has not been confirmed if it is a revenge attack for the capture Saled Abdeslam, security has been beefed up in Belgium as thousands of police officers have been deployed to several borders all at alert to capture possible perpetrators.