Ahmad Refuses Salary: New CAF President Living Up to His Promises!

Ahmad refuses salary from CAF, warming himself to the hearts of his non-friends…

Considering the circumstances surrounding his victory as well as the Confederation of African Football (CAF) elections, Ahmad Ahmad is treading softly in his new designation as CAF president. The new CAF president has put his haters to shame by exhibiting the most commendable virtue. Barely two months after his victory, Ahmad has refused to accept a salary from African football’s governing body.

The 57-year-old had shocked his opponents by making known his determination to keep the promises he made prior to the elections. Ahmad’s victory in the March 2017 CAF elections, brought to an end former president, Issa Hayatou’s 29-year reign.

Immense controversy surrounded the just ended CAF elections, which saw a tussle between then incumbent Issa Hayatou and Ahmad Ahmad. Ahmad picked up key votes with his calls for change which tilted the attention of many Hayatou loyalists towards him (Ahmad). The Malagasy man campaigned on administrative reform, financial transparency and a potential reorganization of CAF competitions.

Ahmad succeeded in passing his message across to CAF excos, many of whom had lost confidence in the then incumbent.  This was because Hayatou was already considered old, redundant and no longer fit for the post.

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Ahmad refuses salary

Ahmad Refuses Salary

In a bid to reform the organization’s administrative structures, Ahmad Ahmad has turned down salary given by the African football’s governing body. The 57-year-old held his first senior CAF meetings on Monday, May 8, 2016, ahead of the Fifa Congress on Thursday 11 May. Some of the key points discussed centered on how to reform CAF to a better standard than it is at the moment.

Speaking to BBC sport, Ahmad centered his reason for the rejection, on the struggle for good administration.

“I’ve refused a Caf salary for the simple reason it doesn’t respect good administration.”

He continued that salaries of all CAF employees, from administrators to the executive committee and president, have to be transparent.

Speaking further on the reform of the administration. Ahmad implied that a decentralization of authorities would help in achieving a better communication and relations between executives. He also spoke about giving more power to the presidents of the individual federations -sovereign bodies who have to make big decisions for the confederation.

All these he said this will enable all stakeholders to fully concentrate on their proper tasks. The Malagasy man pointed out that such irregularities were the things he hoped to change while he was still on the CAF executive council.

“…when I was part of the Caf Executive Committee there was no separation of powers – the judicial body, the executive one and the congress – and we have to respect the independence of each body.”

Ahmad Ahmad has also promised to arrange a new CAF congress in due course in order to validate the proposed changes.