Daily Working Tips: 20 Practicable Habits That Give You the Best 24 Hours of Everyday!

Life is only one and so is everyday of it. And for this reason, it is worth living well. The to-do list of almost everyone has continued to grow longer in the ever busy 21st century, thereby making daily life more stressful and hectic. However, there is always a way around every difficult situation in life. As life seems to get busier, man has continued to devise means of providing himself with as much relief as possible. You only need to find out how best you can organize your life depending on who you are and the things you do. Aside the specific rules which may apply to particular individuals, here are 20 general daily working tips for having the best and most productive 24 hours everyday. It works for just everyone. Apply them, and everyday becomes a celebration of life!

Previous Night Preparations

Making some preparations a day before makes a great difference in what the next day would look like. Let’s look at some of the things you could do the night before to have a better and easier day ahead:

1. Breakfast and other meals: Before retiring, it is best to decide what to have for breakfast the next morning and do some little preparations to make things easier for you. If possible, depending on what you decide to take, you could complete the cooking the night before. Also make a sketch of what you’ll be having for lunch. This not only helps you to regulate your diet, it saves you a lot of stress and money that come with impulsive buying and feeding.


2. Another good thing to do for yourself is to pick out the outfit you’ll wear the next day, get it ready (iron, etc), with all the accessories you think should go with it. Accessories could sometimes play funny tricks on us; nobody enjoys looking for one thing or the other that should go with the clothes they intend wearing or getting to find out that the cloth they want to put on is creased when they’re almost late to work.

3. To ensure a sound sleep void of interruptions, take a warm bath before finally dashing into bed. It helps to keep you cool and comfortable in bed, and also keeps you blood pressure normal.

Morning Rituals

Now you’re lucky to be among those that saw the new day, that’s great! You are more relaxed now, having taken care of thinking about what to eat and wear the previous night. You have the day with you now, so how do you start living it to make it a celebration of life? Note that as you go through the morning rituals, it is important to keep track of the time.

4. First of all, there’s nothing as good as having to consciously wake every part of your body up – the bones, muscles, nerves, blood, brain, etc, with the perfect magic called exercise. Chose the type of exercise that’ll suit your goal: are you working out just to stay fit or to lose some excess fat…? That’s left for you to decide. The benefits of morning workouts cannot be overemphasized as it’s a great way to put your entire being in an active happy mood.

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Sport fitness woman running in park on summer day. Asian female runner during outdoor workout. Fit sport fitness model of mixed Asian / Caucasian ethnicity.

5. Having done that, its time for you to plan the day in the best recommended way: quiet time – meditation. Spend some early hours of the day to do some meditations, deep breathing and prayers; pointing out what you want your day to look like in relation to your work/business, personal conduct and relationship with others. This may end up being the most vital tip in this article.

6. Go through your calendar, diary, mails or any form of records you keep to know the tasks you have ahead of you that day. Place them in their order of priorities to help you stay focused and to avoid the stress that come with sudden assignments that must have to be accomplished.

7. You should stop the habit of rushing out of your house every morning without catching up with current happenings. Done with your quite time, tune up the television or radio and listen to the news as you do other things such as eating, showering, dressing up. There’s nothing as good as starting your day, knowing what’s going on, and how it affects you or your work/business.

8. Ensure that you leave your house at a time when you’ll be able to get to the work place some minutes, (say 10-15), before the official opening time. It helps you to settle down and get everything you need for the day’s business ready before the hustling starts. Remember to check the shelves or fridge to know if there’s anything you’ll need to get for dinner before you leave your apartment.

9. Lift up your spirit, and put yourself in the good mood by listening to your favorite music as you drive down to the office.

10. Now, you’ve made it to the office on a brand new morning. Guess another thing that adds to making the day a celebration? Wear a smile on your face! A popular saying goes this way: “The smile you wear on your face is better than the clothe you wear on your back”. It triggers an enhanced interpersonal relationship with colleagues and helps you stay confident and positive throughout the day.

Continue Making the Day Worthwhile

Now, you are at the centre of the day’s business, you need to stay up focused, alert and energized. And how do you achieve these most cherished stances? Checkout:

11. Some good snacks would do. Healthy snacks that’ll make you feel full and strong should always be made available. Working and munching through some nuts, drinks, and fruits will be unimaginably great. With them, you do not need coffee and you’ll be safe from the much dreaded caffeine crash.

Box with healthy food placed on the office desk

12. When the dull moments hit you, and its like you’ll love to give yourself a break, but know you just cannot. Hope and revival could be found in inconspicuous stretches which you can do, sitting right there in your desk. Find out the various mild exercises you can do in the office without causing much distractions.

13. If your office environment will not allow you do yoga at work, then try standing up and stepping out of the office for a few minutes. Have a walk few steps down the lane and catch a breath of fresh air and sunshine. On coming back, you’ll see the great difference.

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Do Some little things for the Next day

The day is far spent, and you are rounding up for a close. Remember that you have to make the most of every moment, seizing every opportunity to live it the best way.

14. Few minutes before you leave for the day, make a list of what you have to do the following day in their order of priority. That way, you’ll be prepared for the following workday and won’t let important tasks slip off your memory.

Daily working tips

15. Tidy up your desk: put back everything you used for the day in their proper positions. this is to keep them in order for the next day’s business.

16. It’s good to go home when you should because there is nothing like, “All the work is done”; there will always be more to do. You may go home late when it cannot be helped but do not make it a daily habit.

Winding Down

17. Relax – Find a way to sooth your nerves and entire body in the late evenings. After dinner, you could engage yourself in any of your favorite activities that helps you wind down such as listening to the broadcast, listening to some music, going through a newspaper, reading an interesting novel, relaxing in an airy lounge or garden, spending some time with family, chatting with friends, in the pool, if you have one around you, etc. To fully savour the cooling off moments, it could be accompanied by sweet drinks.


18. Meditation – Just the same way it does in the mornings, meditations pays off in the evenings too. Spend some quiet time to recollect how you spent the day. Rejoice and be grateful for the pluses; be sorry for the minuses; forgive yourself and think out ways to be better. Commit yourself to God in prayers.

19. If you have not trained yourself to wake up early, around a particular time everyday, then you need to set an alarm that’ll do the job for you. Endeavor to keep it out of reach, where you must need to get out of bed before you can switch it off to avoid the temptation of switching it off and continuing sleeping. If you leave the alarm at the same time for everyday, you’ll soon get used to it and be able to wake at that time even without the sound of the alarm. Don’t forget, waking up at a good time has a lot to do with what kind of day you’ll have.

20. Go to bed on time – The saying, “Early to bed, early to rise” is an age-long proven fact. Nature must find a way to give you back whatever you give it. So if you want to wake up strong, fresh and on time, discipline yourself on going to bed at the right time. Do not allow your phone, laptops, video games, chat, and the likes to keep you up because there is no end to them except in the grave!