Ghana Might Watch Woyome’s Oral Examination Live! See How

Chief Justice is likely to grant a petition by Richard Yeboah, to allow for media coverage of Woyome’s examination by Amidu, on the judgement debt case

A private citizen, Richard Asante Yeboah, has petitioned the Chief Justice, Georgina Wood, to allow live cameras in the Supreme Court during the oral examination of the businessman.

The petition follows a Supreme Court order, granting former AG Martin Amidu the opportunity to orally cross-examine Woyome. This was after the Attorney General’s office suddenly discontinued the application for an oral examination of the businessman.

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Mr. Yeboah in his petition, insisted that the live telecast would bolster confidence in the legal system especially in the apex court of the land in ensuring that due processes are followed. According to him, a telecast of Woyome’s examination, will afford the citizenry the chance to follow the process in real time, thereby avoiding misinformation in sections of the media.

Martin Amidu on Wednesday November 16, was granted permission by the Supreme Court, to orally cross-examine Alfred Woyome, in a bid to assist the state in the retrieval of GHc 51 million illegally paid to the businessman. Mr. Amidu prayed the apex Court to allow him examine Woyome seeing that the Attorney General who had earlier applied to take up the issue, unexpectedly withdrew from the case.


Alfred Woyome was paid GHc 51m after he claimed he helped Ghana to raise funds to construct stadia, for the hosting of CAN 2008 African Nations Cup.

But he was indicted by an Auditor General’s report released in 2010, which said the amount was paid illegally to him. Following the report, the Supreme Court in 2014 ordered him to refund the money.

However, the businessman is yet to refund the money. So far, several efforts by the Attorney General to retrieve the GHc51 million, including selling his property to defray the debt, has proved futile.

Alfred Woyome who has agreed to pay the said amount in tranches, insists the Supreme Court is persecuting him and opening him up to public ridicule.