Constant NPP Tension Over Voters’ Register Worries Wereko Brobby

According to Dr. Wereko Brobby, the Constant NPP tension over register directly or indirectly affects the EC’s readiness for the elections.

Dr. Wereko Brobby, the Chief Policy Analyst at the Ghana Institute for Public Policy Options (GIPPO), has warned the party against unnecessary tension attached to the voters’ register, hence the general elections. He is of the opinion that the NPP is ignorantly questioning the validity of the voters register. According to him, the constant NPP tension over register directly or indirectly affects the EC’s readiness for the elections.

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Using some incidents to back his claim, the NPP’s VIP recalled the circumstances that surrounded the emergence of the VCRAC Crabbe Panel which was set up to come up with recommended measures to adopt in the validation of the voters’ register. Dr. Wereko says that he believes the EC is following the recommendations of the panel to the latter. However he is not pleased that the NPP thinks otherwise.

He has emphasized that the NPP’s constant unrest on the validity of the voters register will leave Ghanaians in anxiety and in doubt of the integrity of the electoral process. He noted that the party’s protest has brought about a pendulous move in the EC’s progress which might consequently affect the commission’s preparedness for the elections come November.

He explained that if the Party is to win in the elections it needs to focus on vigilance and not validity of the voters’ register. He said that come November, the winner of the election would be the one with more than 50 percent valid votes cast, which cannot be achieved with the constant NPP tension.

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He stressed that the focus of NPP should be vigilance to ensure that on that day, the ballots that are cast are the valid ones that will be used to determine the winner.

There have been various oppositions and protest from the NPP and other groups against the EC concerning the validity of the voters’ register. One of the many protests is that of April 6 where many gathered at Kumasi to protest against the current voters’ register believed to contain many ghost names. The demonstration was aimed at getting the EC to validate the voters’ register for the elections as suggested by the Justice VCRAC Crabbe panel.