Controversy As 4-Year-Old Boy Is Sentenced To Life In Prison In Egypt

Quite perturbing is the story of a 4 year old boy who has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Egypt for a crime he was accused of committing when he was about 2 years. Ahmed Mansour Karni was charged and sentenced in absentia for a crime which it is said was committed two years ago – when he was just two-years-old.

The 4 year old, Ahmed, was convicted of four counts of murder, eight of attempted murder, one vandalisation of property and another count of threatening soldiers and police officers when he was just two? The crimes where said to have occurred during the riots and demonstrations of January 2014 in Egypt.

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Four year old Ahmed was one of 115 defendants who were all handed life sentences at the same time at the court in western Cairo for crimes allegedly committed in early 2014. The twist in the issue is that his name was on a list of over a hundred people “wanted” for murder, disturbance of the peace and damaging state property.

His defence attorney, Faisal al-Sayd, had said that his name was added to the list by mistake but the court did not pass Ahmed’s birth certificate on to the judge to prove he was born in September 2012.

Speaking about the absurdity, the lawyer said, “Ahmed Mansour Karni’s birth certificate was presented after state security forces added his name to the list of accused, but then the case was transferred to the military court and the child was sentenced in absentia in an ensuing court hearing.”

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However, the verdict was passed anyway. There have been lots of controversies from different groups frowning at the justice system in Egypt, with many people expressing their views online as well. Some argue that the 4 year old boy probably bears the same name with an older relative. It has also been argued that the judge did not read the case.

This, as a matter of fact, depicts carelessness on the part of Justice. The public is really hoping this sentence is reversed.