Greenstreet Bursts NDC’s Bubbles At Dagbon… See What He Has Discovered

The ever outspoken Flagbearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Ivor Greenstreet has come out to blast the ruling NDC for their failure to find and prosecute the killers of the late Yaa-Naa Yakubu Andani II as they promised during their campaign.

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in their 2008 manifesto had made a promise to the people of Dagbon to deliver justice over the death of the late Dagbon overlord. Greenstreet Addressing a rally at the Tamale Aboabo Market, recalled the unfulfilled promise made by the NDC. He demanded justice in the Yaa-Naa’s death, warning that the people of Dagbon are not fools, and are fully aware of the NDC’s trick to get their votes.

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Greenstreet revealed that it has come to the notice of the CPP that the Dagbon people feel the NDC has taken them as slaves. He fumed that after up to fourteen years of the death of the Yaa Naa, neither have the criminals been brought to book nor has he been buried properly. This he said pointing out that the people now feel that the NDC is purposely delaying in bringing justice to them, and hence will protest against the party until justice is served.

Making reference to the late Yaa-Naa’s death, Ivor Greenstreet also added that the NDC administration could no longer be trusted in fulfilling its campaign promise. Greenstreet warned politicians against such ‘divisive and vindictive’ politics as it could lead to resentfulness among citizens, hence anarchy in the country. “We will never engage in practices which are vindictive, divisive, which cause rancour or which will destabilize the peace” he said, explaining that the CPP does not devise such deceitful strategies.

He therefore encouraged the people to vote for the party in the coming elections. Greenstreet also during his address called for the compilation  of a credible voters’ register for the 2016 polls for a transparent electoral process.