National Digital Property Address System: 5 Amazing Benefits of the New Ghana Post GPS

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has launched a new location navigation technology known as the National Digital Property Address System. The digital address system which is also called Ghana Post GPS was launched today, Wednesday, 18th October, 2017.

Nana Addo during the occasion, expressed hopes that the relevant institutions will “liaise with the Ministry of Communication and Ghana Post, who are the custodians and administrators of the system, to leverage on this technology to enhance their operations.”

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About The Digital Property Address System

The Digital Property Address System is an Information Technology location-based navigation system designed by Ghanaian information technology firm, Vokacom to tackle the challenge of property addressing in the country.

The system forms part of the three initiatives proposed by the Akufo-Addo government some months ago for the recording of all state properties and citizen’s data in a centralized national database with the aim of facilitating national planning and a formalised economic development.

The President who was highly elated by the fact that the digital system is a Ghanaian-made technology, assured that his government will provide the required leadership to promote other local inventions.

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5 Major Benefits of The Ghana Post GPS

The President while addressing the audience during the launch, urged Ghanaians from all walks of life to key into the very many benefits of the new digital address system which include but not restricted to the following:

1. Improved Location/Property Navigation

Both residents and visitors in Ghana, have over the years relied on directions from people which usually depend heavily on popular locations and structures such as landmark buildings, shops, eateries, junctions, bill boards, and even electric poles, in finding their way through the town.

Digital Property Address System

It is this major loophole that the Digital Property Address System has come to tackle. The system which has been designed to comprehensively map the entire country, will provide everyone with an effective means of addressing every location and place in Ghana, using an ICT application.

According to the President, the new system gives the location of the “blue kiosk, the ‘waakye’ seller or the ‘koko’ seller” an address!

2. Faster Emergency Response

One of the most vital uses of the newly introduced address system comes in the area of emergency response. Ghana has been one of the developing countries where rescue operation mission has always been severely hampered by lack of adequate modern technological facilities.

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On the occasions of road, home or other forms of accidents, the speed of rescue teams have always been impeded by navigation difficulties, thereby putting more lives on the line. But with this new technology, emergency squads such as the police, fire fighters, ambulance services and so on, will be able to deliver rescue services more timely and efficiently.

3. Advanced Crime Control

The Digital Property Address System will also greatly benefit law enforcement agencies in fighting crime. Just like in the case of accidents, the system is set to remove navigation difficulties on the ways of security agencies when it comes to reaching crime scenes easily.

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It will also provide an improved means of detecting criminal locations and hideouts in the country. With the system in place, law enforcement agencies can easily assess addresses more effectively in order to deal with crime.

4. Improved Revenue Collection and Creation of New Businesses

The new address database is also expected to provide an improved and more systematic means of revenue collection by government institutions such as the Ghana Water Company, the Electric Company of Ghana, the Local Government and so on.

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There are also hopes that the address system will create an avenue for new businesses which will in turn create job opportunities for the Ghanaian populace.

5. It will also Facilitate Functioning of The Ghana Card

The addressing system will also play very vital roles in the implementation of the Ghana Card. President Nana Addo urged all individuals and properties to obtain their own unique addresses to facilitate government’s efforts to build a credible national address register.

The president has in fact, made it a rule that no Ghanaian will be issued the new Identity Card without first providing a credible house address.