Dr. Anane Cautions NPP To Purge Itself Of Alien Developments

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been cautioned by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Nhyieso, Dr. Richard Anane over some developments which he has tagged as ‘alien’ to the party’s tradition. Dr. Anane said that there is no more respect of divergent views among members which is contrary to the party’s values.

He stressed that these alien developments if not changed, will have detrimental effects on the NPP. Dr Anane’s statements could be linked to the controversies which have rocked the party for the past one year now. The NPP is said to have had some of its high ranked members suspended from the party for what most see as paranoia on the part of the principal officers. Some say the suspended members were suspected of wanting to undermine the chances of the party’s flagbearer for the November general election.

Speaking on TV 3’s Hot Issues show, he said:

“Lack of respect for the viewpoints of others in the party is very worrying. When you are in a party and accept the fact that it is made up of all manner of people, not all of them will share your view. This is one of the major things some of us think seem to be going on currently in the NPP which may not augur well for the party but because of its dynamism that it also why I believe the party will purge itself of whatever is alien and ensure that the true beliefs of the NPP succeed.”

At the moment, Paul Afoko, the National Chairman, Sammy Crabbe, First Vice National Chairman, and  Kwabena Agyepong, the General Secretary, have all been suspended indefinitely from the party. According to reports, Mr Afoko is still in court challenging the basis for his suspension.

However, Dr Anane who is also a former Minister of Roads and Highways under the Kufuor administration, noted that these recent happenings are not in any way linked to the former NPP values which upholds the Danquah Busia Dombo tradition.

“… If you look at charges proffered against them then you want to believe that there is something amiss. We believe that whatever happens we should be able to solve our problems at home. My worry is that once this thing happens in the NPP, we should not be thinking it’s just the NPP problem, we should be looking at the entire democratic dispensation in the country… he continued.

Dr. Anane who is a member of the NPP hails from Santasi in the Ashanti Region is Ghana’s longest serving MP. He was first elected as MP in 1997 and since then, has been in the parliament for 17 years.