It’s No Joke This Time; See Why You MUST Vote NPP

Since the outset of electioneering for the upcoming presidential polls, leaders as well as supporters of the New Patriotic Party, NPP have been making serious efforts to drive the reasons why Ghanains should vote them into power. This time around, Dr Bawumia has got some good reasons which one may consider to lend your ears to…

Vice-Presidential candidate of NPP, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has noted that the current Mahama-led NDC administration, has no excuse for the worsening living standards in the country, and has called on Ghanaians to unseat the party’s government by voting massively for Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP in the upcoming election.

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Dr Bawumia made the statements at a two-day tour of the Yagaba-Kubore Constituency in the Northern region. Speaking in Kubori on Tuesday, Bawumia observed that with the opportunities and resources that had come the way of the current government, Ghanaians should have witnessed significant improvements in livelihood. According to him, those improved standards and livelihood should have been so clear that the government would not need to waste time and resources reminding anyone about them.

Dr Bawumia stressed that, “Over the last seven (7) years, the government has 10 times the resources the NPP had in eight years and these resources should have been enough for every Ghanaian to have seen a noticeable improvement in his or her life. However, what we see is the opposite. Instead of an improvement, what we see is worsening of conditions and today Ghanaians are suffering more than ever.” 

Continuing, Bawumia noted that, in eight years, the NPP, which inherited a HIPC economy, with far less money was able to undertake massive infrastructural projects and also introduced initiatives like the NHIS, School Feeding Programme, Capitation Grant, Free Maternal Care etc.

But presently, despite all the money that has come in, most of these schemes are on the verge of collapse. It has also become more difficult for Ghanaians to find jobs, pay school fees, access healthcare and meet basic needs.

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Bawumia argued that, “if the NPP with little was able to do all these and if the NDC has had 10 times the money we had, then what excuse really do they have to have made our lives worse? The NDC has no excuse and it is time for us to change and say bye bye to the increasing suffering and worsening conditions.”

In the two-day Yagba-Kubori tour, Dr. Bawumia visited 18 communities. These include, Yizesi, Yizebisi, Tuvuu, Yikpabongu, Dabozesi, Tantala, Prima, Sakpaba, Loagri, Zanwara, Yirangu, Kubugu, Kikaayili, Kpatorigu and Jadama.

Done with the YAgba-KUbori constituency, the NPP Vice Presidential candidate on Wednesday took his tour to the Upper East Region. According to reports, he is going to spend six days touring the region, precisely ten constituencies.