Did John Dumelo Actually Donate 6 Math Sets? The Truth Unraveled

This is definitely the most hilarious incident so far since the beginning of the year 2016. Yesterday, social media went haywire following a tweet about one of John Dumelo’s ‘charities’. Actor John Dumelo reportedly went on a tour in the Volta Region where he was said to have donated math sets to students of the Nkwanta South SHS in the region.

The interesting part of this ‘story’ is that the new Ambassador for Tourism donated only ‘six Math sets’ to a school where over 100 students are in need of such. The news was backed by a picture tweeted by a user on Twitter under the username, @Ghana_Matters, of Dumelo handing 6 math sets and some boxes of chalk and pens to the school.

Did he Just donate 6 Math sets?
Did he Just donate 6 Math sets?

The twitter user also captioned the picture; John Dumelo donates six maths set, chalk and pens as part of his Volta region tour. Now this is definitely one of those cases where you sign out with the ‘lol’ internet slang.

As Seen On Twitter
As Seen On Twitter

This drew truck loads of criticisms from all nooks and crannies of Ghana, as to why someone of his status would make such donation. Not leaving out the jeers, the A-list actor has been massively jeered at on social media, pictures suggesting that the school was so unsatisfied with the donation.

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Could it be that this drama came about due to distorted information from some sources? Or could he have actually donated six maths sets? All the same, the actor has made attempts to clear the air, saying he never donated the said number of maths sets.

Dumelo Trashes The Rumours

Dumelo has come out to say that he donated over 100 math sets to the school, and that the whole drama was due to misinterpretation of facts. In an attempt to put the jeers to rest, Dumelo denied the ridiculous rumours with numerous tweets and pictures. His tweets read; “Oh, how can I look at the faces of over 100 final year students and donate just 6 maths sets. As3m oooo”, among others.

Also, to prove his point he also posted pictures of the students smiling and flocking around him.

The Students Posing For Pictures With Dumelo
The Students Posing For Pictures With DumeloDumelo Posng with SHS students

He also added that he would continue his tour to more schools. but then finishing off with a joke, he said he would try reducing the number to 5 next time.

“Nways, still visiting more schools today in the region….but maybe will reduce the items to 5, instead of 6”, he also tweeted

Please John Dumelo, next time take pictures with all the items you donated to avoid a repeat of this drama.