Dumsor’s Unannounced Visit Proves Mahama Wrong In a Meeting

President Mahama was abruptly cut short in his address to fisherfolk in the Western Region by an unannounced power outage (Dumsor).

We could clearly recall that the president in his State of the Nation Address presented not long ago categorically said that Ghana’s electricity problems has been taken care of. A lot of people have protested against the president’s report on the state of power in the nation. The critics insisted that a lot is still left undone in the power sector and that ‘Dumsor’ has not been wiped out, but it seems he upheld his own version of the story.

However, ‘Dumsor’ who is no respecter of persons paid him an embarrassing visit at the GNAT Hall at Fijai in Takoradi while he was addressing the fisherfolk of the Western region during his ‘Accounting to the people’ tour.

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President Mahama who was accompanied by the Minister for Fisheries, Sherry Ayitey, the Minister of Communications, Dr. Omane Boamah, Deputy Minister of Roads and Highways, Isaac Adjei Mensah, as well as other government functionaries had on the previous day performed a ceremony to convert the Takoradi Polytechnic into a technical university in the region.

According to reports, power suddenly went off without notice while President Mahama spoke to his audience at the GNAT hall which was filled with member of the fisherfolk in the region. The lights together with the sound systems went dead causing an undesirable break in transmission as darkness filled the hall.

It was gathered that “The President had to quietly go back to his seat while they worked at restoring the lights”. It took some minutes, however, before power was restored and the meeting continued.

Maybe, the interruption also gave the president a little opportunity to chill off as the fisherfolk were laying bitter complaints over the cost of outboard motors the government supplied to them just before ‘Dumsor’ took over.

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They complained that the condition of their business has been the same as when no outboard motors were provided because although the government said they have subsidized the prices, they cannot still afford them.

Who are the Fisherfolk?

Fisherfolk are people who catch fish for a living.