EC To NPP: ‘We Have No Plans To Deploy Faulty BVDs’

The Electoral Commission has released a statement to debunk the NPP allegations that it plans to send faulty BVDs to their strongholds in order to affect the outcome of the imminent elections.

The allegations were initially made by NPP’s acting Secretary General, John Boadu who claimed that the EC plans to negatively affect the turn out for votes for the party at the December 7 polls by sending faulty BVDs to their stronghold regions.

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On the contrary, the Electoral Commission has stated that it has effectively tested all the Biometric Verification Devices before deploying them to respective regions. Speaking in an interview on Citi FM’s Eyewitness News was the electoral body’s Deputy Director of Communications Yussif Ayuba who cited that it was IMPOSSIBLE for the EC to intentionally send faulty BVDs to specified regions.

“…That cannot be possible, and it is not true that the Electoral Commission is going to deploy faulty BVDs to the strongholds of the New Patriotic Party. It is never true, and it is not possible for the Electoral Commission to hatch something of this nature,” Mr. Ayuba said.

He further stressed that the EC has provided a plan B should in case some BVDs accidentally malfunction.

“These BVDs we’ve spoken a lot about it, and we’ve said we are going to deploy 2 BVDs per polling station, and in addition to that, we’ll have backups at the constituency level and also at the regional level.”

Mr. Ayubu continued to express his frustration stating that the electoral body would work better with the various political parties if they would make their suspicions directly known to them before taking it public on the media.

“It is a stakeholder collaboration.” Ayubu continued….” It is not just the Electoral Commission that will ensure that the elections are peaceful. Every Ghanaian, every political party has a stake in ensuring that all these things are achieved. Sometimes when we hear some of these issues, it looks a bit strange to us. We would want the political parties to collaborate with the Electoral Commission more so that if problems are identified, then we solve them as a collective.”

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In conclusion, he stated that the political party representatives have easy access to EC executives as they need no prior appointments.

“The Commission has been very open to all stakeholders in the electoral process. You’ll realize that in addition to having IPAC meetings, the commission has even come up with walk in sessions…. you don’t need a prior appointment with the EC when you have a concern. You will have access to all officers who will address your concerns.”