US AFRICOM-Ghana President Rebukes Judiciary On NHIS Registrants Case; See What he Says…

According to him, deleting names of NHIS registrants from the register will be a violation of their rights.

There has been one too many pre-election drama going on in the country at this time, especially among political stakeholders. The issue of voters’ register “clean up” which we thought has been put to rest following Supreme Court’s order to the Electoral Commission (EC) has been awoken by the United States Africa Command, Ghana (US AFRICOM-Ghana).

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President of US AFRICOM-Ghana, Abednego Rawlings Orstin, in a recent statement has categorically stated that Ghana’s Electoral Commission will not be allowed to delete names of persons who registered with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), cards on the current voters’ register.

Rawlings has also chided the judges of the apex court for not being reasonable in their ruling. According to him, deleting names of NHIS registrants from the register will be a violation of their rights. Rawlings who fumed at the entire judicial process on the case said that such implementation would create lots of confusion in the electoral process.

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The US AFRICOM-Ghana President said that nobody really knows who NHIS registrants will vote for in the upcoming elections, and so there is no need for anybody to prevent them from voting. He also argued that every Ghanaian has the right to vote with the NHIS cards. He added that agents from various political parties were present during registration, to check the eligibility of the registrants.

Rawlings warned against possible chaos which these various set backs may cause, urging the judiciary to help build a steady electoral process instead of marring the system.

The outcry by the US AFRICOM-Ghana president comes on the heels of the recent order by the Supreme Court to EC to remove all the names of persons who registered with NHIS cards from the voters’ register. This was after Abu Ramadan’s suit against the commission. While some politicians are against the ruling, considering the rigorous process involved, some are in support of it. But then, the EC has attempted to resist the order due the irregularities it might cause.