ECG Refunds Credit To 333,902 Pre-paid Customers – Jinapor

Pre-paid customers of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) who were excessively debited are said to have been paid a refund by the company.

Though not all of them have received the said refund, the Ministry of Power said a substantial amount of those customers have been refunded.

According to the Deputy Minister of Power, Mr John Jinapor, about 333,902 customers on the pre-paid meter system have received refunds. The undue debit occurred after the issue of increase in tariffs had started. Mr Jinapor said the problem was caused by a flaw in the new tariff’s configuration. He said the prepaid system had been programmed to increase on the 1st of every month but due to the implementation which started on the 15th, it still counted as if it was on the 1st. However, customers had been complaining of vanishing credits since then.

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Mr Jinapor said that the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is on top of the situation at the moment as they have taken significant steps to correct the error.

 “…for instance when I bought 500 and I slot in my card I got back about 400 so my card immediately told me that I have a credit of about 900 Ghana Cedis instead of the 500 that I bought,” he explained.

About 333,902 customers have also experienced the same, as the refund process has already kicked off. There have also been public announcements made concerning the refund and also assurance that the problem won’t occur a second time.

Mr Jinapor also said that the Power Ministry was making plans to unify all pre-paid customers on a common platform, to help ease their stress when they want to purchase electricity credits. This is because the current platform restricts pre-paid customers to a specific location. But with the new Uni-metre platform which the ministry is currently working on, It would be much easier for one to access electricity credits wherever the person is.

The customers whom have gotten their refund can now at least focus on dumsor and not undue debiting.

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