ECG Systems’ Collapse Causes Nationwide Dumsor

It was revealed by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) that the sudden blackout which happened this morning was as a result of a collapse in the electricity system.

It is total black out in most parts of Ghana following the recent collapse in the system. The incident took place at about 5:24 am when ECG noticed a collapse in Accra.

Subsequently, it was discovered that Tema was also in darkness, but then Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCO) said the blackout was in Accra and Tema. Right now the cause of the collapse has not been made known, but a representative of ECG has said that their engineers are doing everything they can to resolve the situation.

”We’ve just been informed by our engineers that there is a system collapse so all our lines are down which we are actually working on to resolve and restore power”, he said.

He equally added that they cannot tell the particular time when power will be restored, but that they are working intensively on it. It is anticipated that this collapse would likely affect productivity across the country, as power is the sole engine to most infrastructures.

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Systems collapse is said to mean when all the power generating stations connected to the main power stream shut down at the same time or immediately one after the other, which however leaves the areas supplied by the main power stream in darkness.

Dumsor which has been the popular name used to term the current electricity crisis in Ghana became a very trending hashtag when the situation went out of control in 2012, which was an election year. Ghanaians of course hoped that the crisis would come to an end, especially as all campaigners declared they would do so. It is said there were a lot of reasons that culminated to dumsor.

It was once said that the part of the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) which transports power to people in Ghana, Benin, and Togo, was cut by a ship´s anchor and that affected the transmission of gas which is used in electricity production.

This went on and on, with almost all high dignitaries describing their take on the causes and also the possible way out of this mess. But this has however become the ugly situation which Ghanaians have unfortunately experienced longer than expected. All hands are on deck to see that this displeasing situation is resolved sooner than later.

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