See What Really Made Ekumfi NDC Chairman Defect To NPP

The Ekumfi NDC Chairman defects to NPP, after some ill treatments meted out to him by the NDC.

It might no longer come as news, but the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has experienced yet another defection by one of her key members. The NDC Chairman for the Ekumfi Constituency, Ekow Esirifie Buckman, has resigned his position to support the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The Ekumfi NDC Chairman defects to NPP, after some ill treatments meted out to him by the NDC on the grounds that he [Mr Buckman] was being antagonistic. He now supports the NPP parliamentary candidate.

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To sum it up, Mr. Buckman implied that the incumbent MP, the party’s Parliamentary candidate for the area, Abeiku Crentsil and the regional executives of the party, rejected him for refusing to support the MP’s bid during the NDC parliamentary primaries.

At a press conference, the Ekumfi NDC chairman said that prior to the November 21 primary election, executives of the party schemed to disqualify the two main challengers of the incumbent Abeiku Crentsil. According to him, because he did not support their plans, he became a threat to them. He continued that his name was mysteriously deleted from the voters register used for the constituency primary, in order to make him ineligible to vote.

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He revealed that although the regional directorate cautioned against executives supporting any of the parliamentary asirants, the constituency executives were bent on supporting their own.

The constituency executives on the MPs side made it clear at a constituency meeting that they were not going to sit aside and watch the MP lose his seat, he said.

This then led to his defection, which he maintains will give him peace of mind.

The Ekumfi NDC chairman is not the first NDC key member to defect to the opposition NPP. Like Buckman, Awal Mohammed, the Deputy National Communications Officer for Zongo Caucus, announced his defection to the NPP a few days ago.