Extradition Process For British ‘Drug Lord’ Begins Today

The Extradition process for the British drug dealer who was arrested on Friday will begin today (Monday), to enable authorities transfer him to the UK to face trial. The fugitive David McDermott was living a high brow life in Ghana before his cover was blown by the authorities, subsequently leading to his arrest in an international sting operation at his home in the Burma Hills area of Accra.

Being a fugitive of the British government, he is said to have been on the run for about three years. The alleged drug dealer had also married, and had a child with the daughter of the Governor of Bank Of Ghana (BoG).

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David McDermott has been hunted by the National Crime Agency in the UK, being a suspected member of a Liverpool-based organized crime group involved in a conspiracy to import and supply cocaine in the UK.

Meanwhile, the BoG Governor, Dr. Henry Kofi Wampah, has said he was clueless about who his son-in-law was, and that he had no idea he was a fugitive. He has also revealed David’s wife, Ramona Wampah to be his step daughter. The governor who finally released a statement on March 13, said that until he received information about the drug dealer’s  arrest, he had no knowledge about him being a fugitive of the British government.

Dr Wampah also said that had always known David to be a worker in the mining sector and he has lived in the country with Ramona, his step daughter since their marriage three years ago.

There were also reports that the fugitive drug dealer is set to contest his extradition as he had contacted lawyers to appeal the extradition process. Details of the process to come to you soon.

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