You Must See This Ghanaian Woman Who Is A Master’s Degree Student And A Taxi Driver!

Being a female taxi driver is considered to be out of place for most Ghanaians, but Esenam Nyador’s story is even more ‘out of place’ as she is a University graduate currently pursuing a second degree.

While the crowd of unemployed people are forming associations and picketing various government agencies begging for jobs, Mrs Nyador decides otherwise. After she completed her first degree, she went for something we would rather look at as ridiculous – taking up taxi driving for a living.  According to the female taxi driver, she’d rather choose to be a taxi driver rather than waste her time and frustrate her life over seeking for a job as a university graduate.

In addition to the surprise, the 38 year old mother of two best known by her clients as ‘Miss Taxi’ is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Family Resource Management at the College of Basic and Applied Sciences at the University of Ghana. In an interview with Beam Blog, Esenam said:

“In 2013, I finished my first degree at the University of Ghana. Rather than do the typical thing and send out hundreds of applications in the hope for a job, I decided to start something by myself. I also had a strong entrepreneurial streak. That, paired with a bold personality, made me eager to try out starting something in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Many of my friends accuse me of being a social deviant [laughs]. I chose taxi driving because this is is a very non-traditional thing to do for a woman in Ghana, and I think of my decision as a gender statement. I didn’t mind stepping on a few toes to change the status quo.”

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This is coming at a time when so many Ghanaian graduates are looking up to the government to provide them with jobs and with the look of things, this is even not forthcoming.

So we can as well say that this brave woman made a good choice, or do you think otherwise? Let’s have your opinion about this at the comment session below.