Accra Floods: IMANI Calls For The Sack Of AMA Boss, NDC Member Thinks Otherwise

Following the recent devastating flooding in Accra, Franklin Cudjoe the President of policy think tank IMANI Ghana have called for the sacking or resignation of AMA Boss Alfred Oko Vanderpuije.

Franklin Cudjoe said that his opinion to do away with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly Chief Executive is because his promise that the floods would not continue this year have been unfruitful.

Vanderpuije, the AMA boss previously stated that Accra main drains had been desilted and obstacles causing the flood had been eliminated. In a statement he said;

The commitment to make sure that we remove all obstacles, distill and dredge the Korle and the Odaw to ensure free water flow will continue unabated. That is my assurance to the people of Accra and indeed the whole nation that the people’s capital is ever safe than before… last week we had three or four days of severe rains and the city was able to withstand the circumstances and the aftermath of the rains… we will be very steadfast in our monitoring of the environment to ensure that we do not allow people to build in our waterways.

However, days after the above statement, Accra was hit by a heavy downpour that lead to a devastating flood which claimed properties worth thousands of cedis, but thanks to the intervention of the military forces, no one was reported dead.

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Areas majorly affected included lowlands like Airport Residential area, Teshie Nungua, Adabraka, Circle, Alajo, Odawna and many more.

Accra Floods: AMA Boss Should Be Sacked- IMANI

On Citi Fm’s News analysis programme, “TheBig Issue” IMAI president Franklin Cudjoe said that the AMA Boss’ comments were “technically incompetent” and therefore he must be sacked! He further stated that;

The Accra Mayor should have been sacked or resign by now. It’s not about no people dying. Last year, when these numbers died, this guy came around with a litany of explanations and this time around he was singing praises…this is the reason why I want him to be sacked or resign. Those comments were technically incompetent because he had not spoken to his engineers, if he had one. If they had advised him properly he wouldn’t be making those vain glorifying statements. It’s completely absurd to live in a country that is supposed to be one of the best attractors of investment and to have a city that can come to a standstill after few minutes of rain.

Still on the programme, AMA Boss Vanderpuije seemed to have a supporter. Abraham Amaliba, a member of the governing NDC legal team said that Vanderpuije should be commended for the flood reduction in some areas. Amaliba further stated that the floodings could have been way worse if the Odaw and Korle drains had not been dredged. His comment reads;

Wise Ametepe from the NADMO indicated that this time round the Odaw did not over flow but just that the tributaries running into the Odaw were blocked because of human activities and that caused the flooding.

Let’s give credit where it is due, we’ve all seen the dredging that is going on at the Odaw River and Korle lagoon, we’ve seen men there working, they are removing the silt. We can only commend what they are doing and say that we need more of that but to make it look like there hasn’t been any work at all and that since June 3 last year we have thrown our hands in despair that is where I want to depart from…we should be crediting people who have ensured that the havoc this time has reduced. We are talking about the AMA…for the dredging and ensuring that the Korle Lagoon is not overflowing.