Must Read! NDC Activist Forms New Party To Unseat Mahama

Recent reports reveale that a former NDC activist Carl Wilson is making significant moves towards creating a movement which will challenge the ruling party. Mr Wilson who is the former Chairman of the Confiscated Vehicles Committee (CVC) has announced the formation of a new political Movement, ‘Move Ghana’, which would contest with the main political parties (NDC and NPP precisely) in the coming elections.

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He says his aim of creating the group is to right the wrongs in the country’s current political system. To do so, he said he would call for massive support from the people to be able to unseat his former New Democratic Congress (NDC) party, and equally prevent the New Patriotic Party (NPP) from tasting political power in the November polls.

NDC activist Carl Wilson
NDC activist Carl Wilson

Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana on Tuesday, the former NDC activist Carl Wilson stressed that the country needs a party that is devoid of political manipulations. He said that Ghana needs a president who will be independent of any political party control.

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During the interview, he said that Ghana has not been able to get rid of corruption because the country’s political system does not have checks and balances.

“It has created the absence of checks and balances in the system that is making it difficult for whoever cheats as president to rule with the powers granted to him by the constitution,” he said.

He however explained that he is not just out to take out President Mahama, but to change the entire system which is not efficient enough. He then urged the Ghanaian youth to come together and support his movement. According to him, they will put a stop to all the prevailing undesirables in the country and then elect an open president to rule the country.

Carl Wilson was sacked by the late President Mills as Chairman of the Confiscated Vehicles Committee.