Strange! Four Dead After Eating Local Fish in V/R

Four people have lost their lives in Alavanyo in the Volta Region while others have been hospitalized after eating a strange kind of fish.

The Margaret Marquart Catholic Hospital, in Kpando where the victims were rushed to, has attributed the deaths to food poisoning. The hospital Administrator, Emmanuel Hanson Torde who confirmed this to the media, said about 10 people from Alavanyo reported to the hospital with stomach upset about 2 weeks ago.

According to Dr. Torde, the patients said the stomach upset started after they consumed a fish they purchased on the market. He said the autopsy conducted on the deceased indicated that they died from food poisoning but could not ascertain whether it was as a result of eating the fish.

“In all the two communities where the people died, we have the samples but I cannot state categorically that it was as a result of the consumption of the fish until further investigation has been done. But I can state that we’ve lost four people as a result of eating the fish. Doctors’ diagnosis said it was due to food poisoning.”

“It is not a common fish on the market. What the residents told me was that when the fish is captured in the river and hit with a stick, it expands. It is not a normal fish that is sold on the market,” he added.

Three more people with similar symptoms are said to be receiving treatment at the Hospital.

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Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Authority is said to be investigating the matter. The Margaret Marquart hospital has also sent samples of the alleged “poisonous fish” to the Kpando Divisional Police Command for further investigations.

The fish, which looks like a puffer fish, is known by the local Ewe people as “Gedde”

Other stakeholders including the Medical Director of the area, Dr Lucy Hometowu said they are also looking into the situation and urged residents not to panic.